Tier 100 and beyond

So I just reached tier 99 yesterday and got a medal for it. However, I noticed that there is no tier 100 and above. I’m requesting for it to be put into the game so that CIU players will keep reaching those tiers and getting keys.

I still hate the fact it ends on 99 and not 100. Such a cliffhanger.

Suggested many times…
However, one of them is Liam’s with my supports on it:

The poll get a huge support then, but nothing happened until now…


Probably to keep it 2-digit

I like it being a finite challenge, it’s more motivating to work towards than an infinite undefined goal

I can see why IA rejects the idea
Cuz if there is no tier limit this will be abused to get more keys which sounds kinda crazy of we think about it.

There is another way to get keys without using tiers.
just complete the quests that can upgrade your rank.
it gives you from 100 to 3000 keys per rank.
Beware it gets harder when you go from rank to rank.

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Speaking of ranks…what does it do? Like when i rank up what do i get out of it besides keys?

gives you new ranks and keys

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Higher tiers unlock harder missions, that’s all.
If you meant those ranks that are being acquired through quests, they do nothing but exist.


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