Removing the limit on tiers

Before I start, I’d like to get something out of the way first. Don’t worry. this is not like Prestige Mode in CoD where you lose all your items when your tier is reset. And yes I know this has been suggested countless times, this is just my take on it. Now with this being said, enjoy this wall of text.

I’ll just say it up straight: I think the tier cap is unnecessary and should go. When someone first starts in the game, they would naturally want to work their way up to the top tier. Then what after that? They’ll continue to play and grind keys and bumping up their numbers… while THIS one just sits there collecting dust.


Why does this even have a limit? Perhaps when the game was relatively new and only a handful of people were playing it, it would’ve made sense since the need for further tiers wasn’t nearly necessary.

Furthermore, once your tier is high enough, you stop unlocking things and all missions are available to you (and this occurs before 99). I don’t want this to go to waste, so me and some other peeps on the Discord server discussed this and came up with this proposal of removing the limit to what tier you can attain. That way it can continue to see use and potentially further encourage players to continue by having them work their way back up to 99 again.

1. How it will appear:

NOTE: Tiers 100, 200 and so on will be neglected. Players will progress from Tier 99 straight to 101, 199 to 201, and so on.

We could go with the simple way and just show the player’s tier as a plain number, but →TheLinnBoss™🏆#1🏆 came up with a much more elegant proposal by showing the tier in the form



X is the player’s current tier and
Y represents How many times the player has attained tier 99.

Example: When a player reaches tier 101, their tier will appear like this:

They will then work their way up to 2+1, then 3+1, all the way back to 99+1. When they progress to the next tier, it will be 1+2, and so on and so forth.

2. How it will work:

We will retain the current system of needing (next tier - 1) * 1,000,000 points to progress to the next tier. We will start at 100 million points for tier 101 (1+1), thus Tier 102 will need 101 million, then 102 million, etc.

The cumulative score required for attaining tier 99 is 4,852,000,000 (thank you @EmeraldBirb for telling me), so the cumulative requirement for tier 101 (1+1) will be 4,952,000,000 points. So the cumulative score requirement to reach tier 99+1 will be 19,603,000,000 points.

Here’s the maths if anyone wants to proof-read it. Please correct me if I made a mistake.

Using this, by taking my current score (25,931,651,157), I would be in Tier 228 (which will appear as Tier 28+2) and the next tier would be achieved at 26,038,000,000.

3. Rewards:

Well, besides bragging rights and key rewards, I would also propose a new medal awarded for re-reaching tier 99 (I’m no artist so I have no concept of what this would look like, and I’m bad at naming things).


This is all just to make the game a bit more interesting. It’s a way of encouraging players who’ve reached tier 99 to continue playing towards a never-ending goal while occasionally rewarding them for their efforts. The game isn’t even in its full release yet, and has built a solid player base, and already a sizeable number of players (nearly 1,200) have reached tier 99. It’s served its purpose in the early stages of the game and I think it is time for it to go.

But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Should the limit on tiers be removed or not? Vote in the poll underneath and, if you’d like, say your piece on this proposal. Thank you for taking the time to check out this proposal (thanks also to the peeps on Discord who helped me consolidate it) and Peace!

  • Yes, tier limit should be removed
  • No, tier limit should not be removed

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Already suggested


I know, just elaborating some more.

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Also already suggested

You litteary stole my counting part

I… didn’t? The X+Y idea was suggested by Linn on Discord, I did not refer to anything in the forum at all when writing this up.

He says that the 100/200/300 etc… aren’t counted.

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