This week Iron Man score EXPLOIT

Hello there, this week i’ve being seeing some ridiculous thing happening in Iron Man where you simply fly first wave, kill all chickens with Absolver / Bird flus satellites in 5 secs in “Tangled Mess” wave then exit-repeat (also saw players hosting). I dont really care about High Score of all time, i like playing iron man and other daily/weekly events. But this i would say its really unfair for example players like @SA-GoldenBoss128 with the most points in game currently and many others who have played for years…and there are players (dont want to point finger at anyone) who potentially can do 50+ bilions in one week with less than 10h right now using this exploit. I understand trying to play iron man 100 times and grind score or trying to get better at it but not this. Im sure its really simple to tweak this problem how players abuse probably on other hard invasions same thing, or doing brainless Squawk blocks for waves but this is another story

Im curious what do you think?

  • UNFAIR - Should not be allowed
  • NOT A BIG DEAL - Leave it
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Does anyone even care about Scoring and All Time Best points?

It’s an honor to meet the leader of the best CIU squadron.

As for the exploit, CIU Discord members have talked about it.

Usually, the maximum scores I read here can reach around 2B points. But this is a new level of exploitation which is crazy. And even once the current Ironman Competition ends, players would definitely try finding other missions to use the very same way of exploitation.

Not everyone. But some of us do. And exploiting ruins the game and fun.

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The score very fast billions or Report from no unoriginally penalty added that one.

From this exploit, i wanna give my personal suggestion.
In competitive:

  1. Your score and medals in result won’t be counted on your career.
  2. You won’t receive keys in result either, only in top 10 result (this will need a reward buff) and if only you win league (might wanna rework the reward because likely there will be an exploit for this).

These will prevent from farming in competitive, which penalty doesn’t apply to it; and encourage players to rather farming on planetary mission.

Have to agree.
Imagine if you compare a 2B player who put many effort to Elite Missions with a player just surrender spamming in Ironman and get 30B points, i can see the unfair.
Also, the Recents screen questions me:

  • You can just replay it and the Ironman mission will be kept in Recents forever, will the Recents be reworked a bit too?

(Fact: That’s how people can save an old Competitive Mission by just replay an old one and keep it, don’t let it go away of the Recents)
Overall, still, even this Ironman gone away, but it still keeps in Recents, so i am still wondering what should be done for it too.

It is better staying neutral with this. Reporting it doesn’t seems quite effective since some people just protecting foul play, yep, again.

People will just take “Skill Issue” (for f*ck what?) to argue anyway.

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