The Yolk Star

Hello guys. I have a question about this boss. Is there any reason that this boss, even on Tourist, is so Insane Hard??? There are lots of hard waves or bosses but every one of them is doable on SSH and funny. The Yolk Star is almost imposable to be killed on SSH without dieing or using Special Weapons or Satelites.

you were saying?

Okay, but really though, you just need more practice. The Yolk-Star with 7 cannons on SSH is actually not that difficult, you just need to be very patient.
Oh, and don’t panic.


you can do it by not dying


Wait for the uco of the 10.1 in SSH…


She had no bombs, she had no special weapons. If you meant satellites, she weren’t using them until the second stage where BBQers just saved a little of time.
And btw, you are being rude here. Everything she did is gave you some advices about beaitng the boss.


All you need for Yolk Star is to be cool-headed.


This implies beating it with just one of these.
You should probably re-read your own sentences before telling others to learn how to read.
Oh, and I don’t think your reply was any less rude. Might be even worse.
And perhaps you kinda asked for this with your other replies, like this one.





I really wonder what galaxy exploration even has to do with skill considering it’s just “click planet > Travel there > orbit planet > repeat”


Literally, people have better things to do besides playing 10 hours in a game, here there are no better or worse, we are all the same, we both play, we both speak, we both run, etc., just because one person is “better” than you, there is no need to be rude like you did with Lunarian


The Yolk-Star is hard because it is the boss from CI3, which was the last genuinely challenging CI game. It is meant to be hard - and, depending on the terminators, it is - but would you prefer the game not to have some challenging aspects?
(Disclaimer: That’s not to say 4 and 5 are bad or anything, but once you get good at them you are just going through the motions mostly).

And the community is trying to help you, by the way - if you respond nicely they’ll be willing to do it again. :wink:

It’s not skill based at all - the reason it awards a medal is because it is a long process and you kind of want the game to acknowledge when you have done it all. :joy:
But by no means is it essential to do unless you enjoy it or are a competitionist (and if it’s the latter you really shouldn’t be playing CIU :wink: )


I recommend using ships that has a small hit box like H&C or Müller M400 and M404 to squeeze and travel fast between spaces and another

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Yes it is HARD, but still possible, and practice makes it better. Why so angry if you wanted an advice?

When you’re enraged by playing game then it’s time to stop for a while and take a rest.


huh ? so ?

i though @Akemisora type ‘impossiple’ my bad , sorry

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Thank you Kylo-Hen. This is what i asked at the beginning of my topic, is there a reason that this boss is so insane hard. Now i understand why. I play CI from the 4 part and have all of them every singel ‘’ expansion’’ (Eastern/Halloween/Christmas). If this was the hardest boss in CI3 im glad to have it here so i can play and all the rest i miss in CI/CI2/CI3. Im glad that this is challenging one. Probably i shold start play on Tourist not all the time on SSH and the boss will be way easyer. Practise creates the master :smiley: i know that.

About the sec part of your post, that community is try to help me i see it the other way. They all started defending the other person and no one else answered my question. In Germany is a sentence:
‘’ The way you Yell in to the Forest is the way the Forest respond to you’’.

Anyway thanks for making me clear why the boss is so hard :+1: :+1: :+1:

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