The Yolk-star™! New and improved! ( fangame too! )

Hello again
The time for the surprise has come
Meet my new idea: The Yolk-star™! New and improved!
Thanks to @4-FX & @Darth_Skembesion to sharing arts about yolk star.
Darth’s art is the icon of game.


So, before we get started, I want to tell you more about this idea. When I was only 12, 1 made a game about yolk star just for fun, and I didn’t share it with anyone. So why did I make that? When I was playing CI3, I was wondered why the design of the yolk star in the cutscene and inside of the game is different. Then I decided to create a game that the design of the yolk star is like cutscenes. A year later, I shared the idea in the forum and a few people liked it. I didn’t share the game itself, just the idea and a video of it. Here it is:

So I can say that this was my first game, not the henperor. Now I’m here to surprise you with this idea again, The yolk - star! New and improved! After about 3 years, my knowledge about making games become much more, also I now have access to every asset that I need for making a game, so it’s much better than those 2 previous games. Now let’s go!

Attack steps:

  1. It will come out from the borders, and target you for its blue beams

  2. After you reached 25% of its health, a little eggshell will be thrown at you ( it will not damage you)

    And of course, a firepower with two gifts and a special satellite
    Then it will make spinning red beams like the henperor’s apprentice.

    Of course, chickens will start coming inside of the page every 7 or 8 seconds.

  3. After you reached 50% of its health, it will start throwing 3 henterprise zaps every 5 secs.

  4. After you reached 75% of its health, here’s what will happen every 8 secs!

    You may ask Bro What the hell do you mean??!!
    Yes! Show them who’s boss! The big chicken will come out from inside of it, just like what she did to the hero for the first time!
    About the health of chicken, I have some balancing things, When yolk star is on 100 difficulties, the difficulty of chicken will be on 50%, if ysd ( yolk star’s difficulty) is more than 100% cd ( chicken’s difficulty) will still be on 50%. but if ysd was on 75%, cd will be on 25%
    So it means that cd is 50% less than ysd. ( For easy death )

  5. After you destroyed the eggshell, The yolk itself will come out, but not a regular yolk! a new and improved yolk!

    It will throw 8 zaps in 8 different directions every 2 secs and actually 1 henterprise zap to you every 0.5 secs.

This boss is a combined boss with old memories and new things!

Edit: ( Bonus ideas )

  1. New satellite
    This is a new one that will be connected to the top of the ship ( in every spacecraft)
    It will take care of you from the front until it gets destroyed
  2. The most powerful metal suit chickens should shoot “Blast from the past”'s bullets


if you want to know more about fangame changes

Download links:


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  • I have no idea
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i dont know should this be a bossfight in CIU, but the idea and the fangame is definitely amazing.


This fan-game is amazing because it has Gifts and Atoms
The only thing left to fix is smoother boss movement lol


its cool due to how accurate the boss fight is
since in cutscenes, it just powers the laser and is sideways
but since there is P A N
its awesome


does every fangame of yours need a laser spinning attack? :v

anyway, it seems nice even though i can’t play it on windows 7
and uh maybe consider adding recoil to firing weapons


But I’m thinking that you’re right :thinking:
This was already in my mind, because of those red lights that it has

I didn’t really get it, what do you mean?

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Recoil means, being pushed back with the weapons force


I tried to fix that but in my case there were no problem for win7
I tried if in wm

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Ah, yeah good idea
I’m gonna try

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Wow,another fangame

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I am working on one right now (that is not an idea)
I will make 4 more except the one that I’m working on
I will be the most famous fangame maker in the game lol


how about going for a full story mode CI fan game :slight_smile:
like the episodes


You are a mind reader


so do you know how to make waves like in CI


Waves are much more harder than bosses
Because in waves i need to set millions of variables for their movement


Perhaps, i don’t really like the spining lasers attack, it just feels quite unsetting for this boss besides that a decent number of bosses have this attack already, not a fan of the henterprise lasers attack too, it seems to be very easy to dodge and the way it shots the projectiles feels to bland and boring.

Maybe the Pan should have the health nerfed a bit, like it could last 4 hits, i think the current health is a bit excesive.

The rest in my point of view is okay, and the fanmade that you made to show how whould it feel when you face it was very nice :wink:

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WTH?? Get off you face :nauseated_face:


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It’s actually not
When you got attacked suddenly with fast speed it is not easy to run away from it

I agree, a little bit too much