New Yolk Star!

Hi. I don’t like the current shape of the Yolk Star very much. So I created a new Yolk Star.

I’ll post a video of the new Yolk Star later here.


What’s the difference…?

There’s a warning line. also the laser brightness is flat.

I see. So what Mohammad is suggesting is that we get a zoomed-out Yolk-Star bossfight? I don’t think it’s necessary.

Also, I was looking for a graphical difference, but it seems that’s not it and what I wrote above is my best guess.


i think what they meant is that the yolk star from the ci3 cutscene to be a boss

Exactly what I wrote in fact

This would be very easy since we have the zoom out

nvm i got the context wrong


It can be hard. Dont be fooled by the poor implementation of the image.


So can I call it “Zoomed out Yolk Star?” or “Full Version of Yolk Star?”


If the yolk star is zoomed out, it would be ez pz, i dont will wait for a image or a video of “The New Yolk-StarTM”

That boss would suffer from a “huge” blindspot. Unless the lasers were omnidirectional.


This things will make The Yolk Star easier

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This is a new Yolk Star movie. (Of course, this movie is different from what I have in mind.) The amount of Yolk Star damage depends on the amount of bullets. But in order not to waste your time, I increased the amount of damage. After destroying the yolk shell, it fires bullets like “It’s the Mother Hen Ship!”.
I’m sorry about the sound, because I first filmed the game and then turned it into audio with the software, so a lot of sounds, like the Yolk Star’s laser sound, are unavailable.


So the Yolk-Star™ got a bullet shooting ability to make it harder and cracking between phases, and the chicken fire more rapidly, all I can say is nice


That’s a good concept, but still underwhelming (IMHO). In phase 1, its laser could split, terminator chickens count could be increased like current version. In phase 2, it should be able to move closer to the player.


Name:Unfinished Yolk Star
Maybe this Yolk starYolkstar.PNG

Really nice, also wanna continue the droid battle.

I still think that this boss should be called “Yolk Start™”


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