The Yolk-Star could use some nerfs

I’ve never seen a single person who would think that Exponentiality is easier than Yolk-Star™. Yolk has a move pattern: it chooses random point in some range, charges, attacks and then repeats this cycle. The chickens it summons are always going to your position so you can predict where they are going to be few seconds after. Basically all you need to know to fight it is already there. The only difficult point is Toxic terminator chickens which may cause some troubles if you fight them rarely and don’t feel the radius of toxic cloud. Oh and do not stay far from lasers, they are thicker the further they go. I thought that was obvious.


Exponentiality is hard? Harder than yolk star? Really?


Yes. Its behaviour is absurdly random, everything flies literally wherever it wants while attacking from different angles.


I never found it even nearly as hard as the yolk star.


I did beat Exponentiality at 140%, but I still struggle at Yolk-Star at 90%, partly because of the severely limited maneuvering room. It’s not a matter of which is harder, it’s two different types of difficulty, and as such, which boss you do depends on what kind of dodging you’re better at.

Some people find trouble dodging lasers and projectiles in a limited space, whilst others can’t keep track of the ship when zoomed out, it’s not fair to compare the two saying; “this is harder”


I made a new progression suggestion for The Yolk Star in before, which can make it easier). (Edited the topic for better understanding)

Positron Stream is good, but I recommend to use Plasma Rifle (Assassins, you know). Don’t destroy all chick gatling guns at once, because projectiles of armored chickens may block your way. Destroy one of CGG, then armored chickens. Takes time, but worth it.

I understand this, but I feel like regardless of how you approach this boss, you’ll still find yourself in a situation where there are enemies behind you, lasers right beside you and no where to go. And this is the main point of the nerfs I’m suggesting: making this scenario less likely to happen.

I doubt that. With other big, awesome, flashy boss fights being in the game, such as Chicken Exponentiality and the Egg Cannon fights, I can’t see the devs wanting to make the Yolk-Star be the toughest boss.

But you cannot predict where the lasers are going to hit, so it’s not entirely predictable. Plus the fact that each laser has its own cycle, so it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of all of them at once, or even just the ones that are near your position, especially considering there’s also enemies coming from behind.

It just feels like you’re getting hit from every direction with no escape route sometimes.


About this: Yolk-Star wasn’t meant to be the hardest boss rather than that it just happens to be. The Egg Cannon was a joke, and the Henterprise could have been harder, but Yolk Star is hard largely because of its space limitations and BS terminators, not actually difficult patterns that you dodge and get better at. It’s RNG. I’d also refrain from saying something “is meant to be hardest/strongest” because there’s actually not that much thought put behind the game’s design. Overall I agree with the reworks, they’d make the boss less RNG, but there’s some that like it for some reason.


You can, actually, especially in CIU as there’s a charge animation. It stops and plays charge sound (+animation) before shooting.

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You can predict the “when”, not the “where”


I disagree. Because I say that Chicken Exponentiality and The Yolk Star™ are the toughest bosses. Because for both bosses you don’t know where the lasers will appear. Although with Chicken Exponentiality, you can get worried while alternating between CW and CCW and then die. And as for The Yolk Star™, the difficult thing here is the Terminator chickens. So I thing a nerf for Terminator chickens is necessery. But only for the low difficulties to make it fair.

You will need some foresight. Don’t just stand there and think you’ll always have a way out. Move to somewhere more open, and try to link all the terminators together so that you’ll only have to focus on one direction.

In the case of the lasers, I believe this was already said, but stay close to the cannons. The laser hitbox gets wider the further it travels.

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It’s bullshit and RNG. I’ve been restricted by the lasers many times when attempting to lead the terminators. Also, some chicken varieties need a lot more maneuvering space to deal with them (cowards, toxics, etc.) and if it’s seven lasers, you just have to pray the lasers part enough to give you that much space, which rarely happens.

Just because it’s doable doesn’t mean it’s fair ffs


im just giving a tip gdi

yes it’s bs but to be fair you use a keyboard where movement is kinda ass
still bs nonetheless though

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k :+1:


Thank you for the tips, but I didn’t start this thread to receive tips for the boss fight. I realize there are people who are really good at this game and that every boss is made to be beaten. And so I understand there are ways to combat the Yolk-Star, some more effective than others.

But the purpose of this thread is to examine if the difficulty level of the Yolk-Star is too high compared to the other bosses, if that makes it frustrating to deal with for players and, if that’s the case, to find ways to balance the boss fight.


And, as I believe has been talked about before, this is a problem. It makes it so that you have less space to manoeuvre the closer to the bottom of the screen you are, which is particularly problematic when you have to dodge terminators. I fully subscribe to the idea that the width of the lasers should be made constant, with the base width increased to compensate.

And don’t even get me started on terminators. Whenever I see a UFO or a miniboss spawn in I just pop a phaseout because it’s not worth trying to deal with that normally.


The two problems I do have with the Yolk Star:

First, Tapering Beams. I’d just prefer if the laser hitbox was a constant size. Make it slightly bigger, sure, but at least a constant size makes them a bit more fair when it comes to dealing with terminators.

Second, Terminator Spawn Positions.
At least prevent terminators from spawning at the bottom of the screen. The laser size at the bottom of the screen is already almost double the size of being right up close to the yolk star, and making it even harder to maneuver around terminators the lower down you are on screen, is just cruel.
Or even worse: They spawn right in your butt.

On the sides of the screens, it’s okay (because why would you be hugging the walls anyway). But at the bottom? Let’s at least give the player enough vertical space to move. Having limited horizontal space is bad enough, and reducing VERTICAL space is just adding salt to the wound. Even worse if a terminator does decide to spawn right below you.

Example of uncomfortably close terminators:

totally not me just trying to show off a little


Killing toxic chickens in the corner may work. Sometimes I destroy The Yolk-Star in 3rd phase of terminators for having more space to fight.

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To be honest I think Toxic Chickens should be removed from The Yolk Star entirely. All it does is just give you even less space to move around