New progression for The Yolk Star (and Egg Cannon)

Trivial difficulty: 4 cannons without phases (No terminator chickens)

Easy difficulty: 5 cannons with only one phase for summoning terminator chickens (Phase starts at 50%)

Intermediate difficulty: 5 cannons with 2 phases (33% and 66%)

Hard difficulty: 6 cannons with 2 phases

Very hard difficulty: 6 cannons with 3 phase (same as the default)

Elite difficulty: 7 cannons with 3 phase

P.S. Both Yolk Star and Egg Cannon should drop a satellite (like Henterprise), when the shell of Tge Yolk Star is cracked or the purplish explotion of Egg Cannon. :artificial_satellite: (Thanks to @B256 for reminding)

I hope you interested with this and share your comments. Thanks! :pray:t2: (And sorry, if I made mistakes about difficulty percents)


Maybe the satellite drop for the yolk star is base on it difficulties. (Easy: Each 20%, Hard: Each 33%) Except very Hard: Each 40%. Since I think it will be very hard if the very hard satellite drop 50%.

Anyway that was a good idea, i :+1: it

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Armored Chicken, Toxic Chicken, Assassin Chick, UFO Chick and Chicken

That’s pretty high for a Trivial, though, reduce it to 4


I agree, but in CIU Yolk Star at least has 5 laser cannon, or does it have 4 laser cannons and I didn’t see?

It can actually have 4 lasers (I’ve met it once with 4 lasers), but that’s rare tho.

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Oh, thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll fix it.

You’re right. I forgot it.

This is great.I love it.:+1:


This idea looks awesome ngl. Having this progression rather than (25-50-75) is better.

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