The problem with star classes (Stellar classfication re-make)

I’ve been playing around with suns for a day and still see a few things wrong, especially the star classes. Here are some examples:

This star is supposed to be class K but it’s class M

This star has a red halo but is orange so it needs to be in class K

This star needs to be in class G because it’s bright yellow

And this star is F class because its yellow color is brighter than the star above
Many other stars have the same situation when I check again. So I have two suggestions, @InterAction_studios, please take a look to make our game even better.
1.1. M-class Star should have shape and color like this: (=< 3700K)
1.2 K-class Star should have shape and color like this: (3700K-5200K)
1.3. G-class Star should have shape and color like this: (5200K-6000K)
1.4. F-class Star should have shape and color like this: (6000-7500K)
1.5. A-class Star should have shape and color like this: (7500K-10000K)
2.Change the color of class B stars and class O stars like this:
2.1. B-class Star(old):
B-class Star(new):
2.2 O-class Star(old):
O-class Star(new):
Here is the spectrum chart, star color and star class I made for everyone’s reference:

The reason I changed the color of the B and O layers: to make them easier to see and distinguish from the old version, I find them quite difficult to distinguish.
Here is the temperature chart for the main classes of stars:
Hope @InterAction_studios accept this idea of mine.
Thank you everyone for reading to the end of this article.


So dedicated, great :smiley:


the sun color is better than old version




B-class new and O-class new now become easier to distinguish! Anyway, nice Idea!

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This graph is a graph of temperature rise by star classes:


I still dislike cyan stars being so blueish in both old colour gradient which didn’t make it in game and your recolours.

I thought the Cyan color of the star is still better. Cuz it make player feel easier to distingiush between the B and O class

It’s hard to see what is the B or O-class star with the current color

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Why dislike ? Real stars also have that color if they reach the certain surface temperature


Ok, but I don’t see any need for distinguishing between them visually as fast as possible, they are still different if you’re really looking at them. I just don’t like how cyan version looks, it’s too saturated.

But cyan color is MORE realistic

Yet disturbing for eyes. Why are you even talking about being realistic in a game like that?

Even a game must have acceptable realistic aspects. This is an universe game, not a fairy tale game.


These were posted by iA in a lounge category topic. The first version WAS cyan, but it was changed.

It’s not so disturbing (Unless you have some problem with your eyes )

Desaturated pure blue, the current O type stars look perfect IMO.

One more reason I want to change the star color of class B with class O is because it can be very blinding for some players like me

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The new color of stars (My opinion)

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Cyan color of B and O class star is more reasonable, cuz it was suitable with the temperature of the B & O class, and it look more realistic too!

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