The new strongest boss

it will be a little bigger and stronger it is like several mechanisms reunited and added something new and stronger


I’ve done almost qualitatively

The egg cannon spawining the Yolk Star and the Planetary egg city is weird. Also The Henterprise is bigger than the Egg Cannon


they were increased in size and attached to each other

Now you can make your own weapon of mass destruction, with flex tape seal and repair! It attaches immediatly, and well! It even works in the void!


Круто но я нечего не понял что ты сказал



???bsbsvebe zhs

Я, конечно, не злой, но на этом форуме желательно общаться только на английском, чтобы другие форумчане могли понять, о чём ты говоришь. Даже Google переводчик сойдёт.

For those who want to know what I said

I am not angry but this forum only for English speaking users because it would be better if others know what you are talking about. Even Google translate can be useful.


Chickno is the strongest

I wrote on English I have that the with language jammed so often the case and all at the other language is written

Only english please

Yes I know we have some update and there are glitches terrible, I ate the message can send

Delicious? I guess…


No one are supposed to be stronger than the Henperor

and I believed that starTM stronger

на Henperor я не разу не умирал он лёгкий а я на starTM нём неведомую уйму раз умирал

Oh really? Unfortunately, Yolk Star isn’t the leader of the Henpire

aaaaaa I just slapped I’m right now a new topic will post