New boss idea(The Henperor)

-The boss wave will be called “Henperor approaching”
-Unlike other bosses, you can’t deal any damage to him(which clearly mean you can’t kill him cus if you could, it’s the end), if you try to, there will be a force shield appear indicating that he has blocked your attack
-His appearance will be like Emperor Palpatine from Star War(since Henperor’s Apprentice looks like Darth Vader)
-After entering the fight, he will say that you are such a fool thinking you could defeat him then leave. After that a random boss will enter the fight to fight you instead
+The boss that will fight you during “Henperor boss fight” will be called “Royal” and have a special symbol indicating they have a lot more health and far harder to deal with(i.e: A Yolk Star at Veteran difficulty have 5 laser cannons while a Royal Yolk Star at the same difficulty will have 6 laser cannons and have 50% more health instead)
+During the fight, Henperor can help the Royal boss by using his special attack, they are:
*Lightning power: Random lightning will strike indicated by dashed line
*2 types of asteroid attack: 1 is random number of asteroids will fly through the fight. 2 is many asteroid will concentrate at the center of the fight then explode into smaller asteroids fly at high speed. The asteroids in this attack will have red aura around them stated that they are being controlled by Henperor
*The force: causes you ship to spin(like Cluck Vader boss fight)
*Royal help: He will summon terminator chickens with Royal symbol to help the boss, and these surely aren’t gonna easy to deal with(i.e: Normal Eggship shoots 3 laser at the same time while Royal Eggship will shoot 6 laser and have twice as much health instead)


Sounds like on SSH you need RNGesus on your side. Just… so many attacks. And yet in itself its partly a new boss. Also wierd intro for CI. Its sad though we dont have a lightning boss yet… (like the one on the ice planet in CI5)



It just had 5 attacks + the number of attack the boss you have to face has in total, not that many though(btw should the Royal boss have some new attack?). Also it’s intro might not be as weird as “It’s a bird, It’s a plane”(where you face a chickenaut before the superchick) or CI4 “It’s the mother henship”(where you thought you gonna face the Egg Cannon but have to fight a weaker version of Mother henship instead)


Snoke is nothing compared to the UNLIMITED POWER of The Senate.


Bump. Changed Henperor’s Royal Help special attack from “summoning chicken with Royal symbol” to “summoning terminator chicken with Royal symbol”. Yeah, we need some real boss other than just the Yolk Star

Yeah… but this one is just a random buff to a boss. It isnt in itself one, just because you can see it at the start. And again, the bosses werent designed for more than themselves, and adding more random attacks can screw you without a chance to live. The random spin is also very bad, especially for one sided bosses. You just have to wait to be spun again. And why add more health and difficulty? Its already harder with the Henperor. Id much rather see him as a seperate boss.

The spin will make you spin in a full round other than stop randomly

At that point why have the ſpin?

To make the fight take longer and harder of course. Since you will have problem taking down enemy

Longer, ſure. Not neceſſarily harder.


Yeah… lol