The new idea : the chicken hunter lisans,s race

HI GUYS . my name is hossein «hossein gamer » and i have a idea . make a new race : the chicken hunter lisans,s race This contest is for those who do not have a chicken hunter license! (One like me) The presence of people with CHL is not a problem, but their prize is different: their prize is 15,000 keys! ) Now anyone who does not have such a license can participate in this contest. Here one has 50 stages, each of which is in the tenth stage of the last giant. Now it’s like a Galactic Cup and World Cup match or a talent match! The test stage also has 50 stages, all of which are easy. After the game, the Interaction stadius company selects from the list of players. Thus, in the top 6 players enter the quarterfinals, then in the semi-finals, the top 4 players who were able to successfully pass the quarter-finals enter the halves, and in the final, 2 players who were able to successfully reach the semi-finals. Leaving behind, they compete with each other. The winner of the game is someone who leaves the game behind .The prize is a chicken hunter license! who can win forever. (That is, it is exactly for him forever) But friends, do not worry, this match will be formed again after the match. But I say that this contest should be made only in 5 times. They have this consumer contest:
1: You should not be injured more than 5 times during the test, and if you want to go to the quarterfinals, you need to finish the job in less than 30 minutes. In the quarterfinals 25 minutes and should not waste 4 hearts. 2 hearts in the semi-final 25 minutes and no heart should be wasted in the final and you should finish 20 minutes.
2: Someone is not allowed to participate if he wins the competition next time (because they already have a bachelor’s degree).
3: Very easy test steps. The quarter-final stages are not so easy, the semi-intermediate and the final are hard (so practice well!)

Interaction Stadium


You do realize that by adding a competitive mode accessible only to those who don’t have chl, you’re screwing over those who paid for the license? They’re basically getting less content for supporting the game.


ok .Their entry will open this contest and you will win a 500,000 key prize. Those who do not have CHL get the same bachelor’s degree.

Chicken Interaction License

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Jesus Christ


fuck dude guess i’ll fail this competition on purpose, time to go for engineering in my teens let’s fucking go




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bachelor’s degree

CIL ( chicken interaction license)

No more competition & reward suggestions please. These only make IAP’s and other competitions useless.

Hmmm 500,000 kromer


500k keys sounds like a balanced reward


this will make the game less fun and this is for Chicken Hunter Licence players only

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guy thanks . Thank you for your comment. Therefore, if this is seemingly useless, give different hub comments to get the idea out of the water. Whoever’s better. His idea is done (hope that Interaction Stadius will accept our idea)

first stadium and now stadius
also i’d rather not see this being added in the game
500k keys prize = 5 scrooge medaols

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No where of this idea is good. Player’s purchases are the only source of money iA makes in CIU because ads are not available yet. If you want to hold a free CHL/keys competition for players who doesn’t have a CHL, use the friendly Dare League and announce a World Cup style tournament for players to participate (using social media or right here), then use the gifting feature in-game to give away prizes.


thanks but More about Dare League