The most dangerous boss

Hello everyone, this is the next topic after my first one:How you got to know chicken invaders universe? Looking at the title, you probably know that this article is about “The most dangerous boss”.
And for me, the most dangerous boss is “The Yolk-Star™”.What about you?

  • The Yolk-Star™
  • Henterprise
  • Egg cannon
  • UCO
  • Bossa nova
  • Henlley’s comet
  • Magnetic Manipulator
  • Feather brain
  • Thundercluck
  • Dr.beaker
  • Chicken Exponentiality
  • Chicken Multiplicity
  • None of the above (give me a comment)

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@CI2Chicken Care to explain how Chicken Exponentiality is the most dangerous boss and not The Yolk-Star™? I know it’s your opinion, but I am curious.

when you play the boss at 140% difficulty.

What about The Yolk-Star™ at 140%


bruh. i mean chicken explonity is harder for me because it have zoomout + the strategy is harder + the assasin chicks ((red chicks)) that chase you and more… so what is the point if i say that is DRAW


I’m allergic to Yolks.



The Yolk-Star™, 140% difficulty (7 lasers), upside down


Hend game is far harder than any boss when it comes to pure not rng unlike the yolk star he can be harder or easy it all comes to chicken that spawn

Why yolk star is very hard? Because There are chickens that make me lose and I hate that

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Weak pc:

Invisible ship:

What else do I need to record in order to prove that it’s easy? PS Vita?

How about a Game Boy? /s

crazy squakker #2147483647

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I have seen that before

Even after this I’m still saying it is the hardest thing possible in the game
If it’s easy for you then you’ve beaten everything here, congratulations :clap:

Also try that.
You can even try my version of yolk star too(the fangame I made while ago)


How about?

Yolk Star 140%, upside down, electric environment


How about this?

Yolk-Star at 140% difficulty, upside down, massive and electric environment.

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Add hot environment in then you have the hardest combo ever

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But vf can resist

VFs can resist but power limitation

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