The items are a bit too expensive

The keys should either appear more often or lower the price of the items

So far it’s good. You can easily buy the most expensive ship in one week after playing weekly challenge every day on SSH difficulty.

Most of the prices are okay. The only things bothering me are the preishables (bullet spray condenser, eggular repulsor etc.) and missiles/mines.


Yeah, I think keys ſhould be eaſier to get, but moſt items (eſpecially ſhips) ſhould increaſe in price. This way we could have more preciſe pricing at the lower end (lives, miſſiles, &c.).


Okay, cool. But some of the designe items (like engine color and stuff) are too expensive for just a change of a color in my opinion

The designs bother me. Its a bit too expensive just to change the color of something on your ship

It’s like 7 keys for colours. You can get it by exploring system.

Yeah. Though exhaust types are kinda overpriced imo.

Nah it’s ok at the moment, like how I’m having the most expensive spaceship(that has been completely redesigned), heatsink, (max level)power reactor. The only thing that’s bother is the key disappear quite quickly so I suggested Research lab to fix this(and somehow IA like it)