The HUD Progress Meter at 100.00% still remains

Take a look:
@InterAction_studios please fix this!!!

Please, read this update

Ye i know

It’s actually an issue that I’ve seen on pretty much every single CI game since ROTY, and it’s usually done approximately closer to the higher than the lower, so it does happen at some point that the HP of the boss is less than 0.005% without even knowing it.

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Wait. You have 100% progress but the Party Chicken is still alive?! That’s waaaay more than a 0.01% error!

That’s nonsense. It’s still a rounding error.

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I think it simply means that the progress bar shows two decimal places by default, and because the boss is already at 99.995%+, it is rounded up to 100.00%. If it is modified to “always round down” instead of “round to” this won’t happen again.

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Of course it still remains, because it wasn’t fixed.

For that we also need the 1st solution from this topic to be present. If the damage done equals 400 then the progress meter displays 100%, if not then the ELSE statement runs another IF statement which runs the Progress meter code that we have today and checks if it equals 100%. If it’s true, then it runs the code that changes it to 99,99%. This way even if there is floating point bug it doesn’t display it.
Progress meter improvement (yet again)

I honestly think it should stay that way. If such a thing has not been fixed in any of the previous CI games, why both fixing it in CIU?