The egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade

welp, we meet again. It’s been 2 months :v


If you’re gonna talk about the game, move to :left_speech_bubble: Chatting place, no need to make topics for that


Just play elite boss rushes and you’ll eventually met it.

I’ve met it many times and luckily i finished it times without dying (and some by dying sometimes).

Yea, thank god it became easier! (Or maybe I got better at it).
Also there at the end of this Space Race.


ok tks

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What?! Did you just bump this topic after 8 days by a useless post?!

Look, maybe he is new so don’t rage on him :\

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He’s a member, he should at least knew.

yes you are right, even the anniversary badge exists in him :\

Yea, so no excuses.

Also we should stop and let this topic as we are going off-topic.

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