Switching Weapons

Switching between 3 weapons for different waves would a great feature.I guess


You can already do that, and it even comes with bonus points! All you have to do is pick up thoſe little preſents that the chickens ſometimes drop when you kill them.


But those presents are not available all the time :expressionless:

It would be unfair in some sort.

From your perspective :roll_eyes:

Make a poll and you will see.

The point of using only one weapon and getting presents is you have to make the choice for which to use. Having freedom, actually makes the game easier! And how would presents work in this environment?


Well,if you were able to switch weapons,you could switch to whichever present the chickens dropped,collect it for 1 extra firepower,then go back to your main weapon. You could get a lot of firepower like this.(not saying that it’s a good thing)

It was once,long ago,planned,along with ammo packs,wasn’t it?

But then iA decided not to put it in


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