Switching Superweapons

Hey Guys,

Right now, If I have equipped, for example, 3 damage amplifiers and 3 missiles, it could come to a situation where I would use a missile in a certain wave but a damage amplifier is up next. That means I can’t use a missile except I waste 3 amplifiers. That’s why you should be able to switch the superweapon (either with a keypress or an own gui that pauses the game).


I think this ſhould be achieved through having a different key per ſuperweapon.


With the bosses being buffed, this now come in handy.

The quickest way is by using the mouse scroll.
I use 2 types most of the time cause missiles and mine bombs are very rarely used.

What about people who don’t have a mouſe? There would need to be ſome alternative.

Additional keyboard binding, as you said earlier (I’m comfortable with Shift or Ctrl)

it’s an older post an older idea I’m sorry that i reopen now!
but i think shoud be nice and very useful to make that option available switching superweapons!!! the easy way with the scroll boton so let’s make a poll

Should be available the option of switching the superweapons???

  • yes
  • no

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I have no idea why did you write this post. It’s just copy of main post idea.

in fact it’s not my ideea or it is but not at 100% i think of that switch of the superweapon and then I realise that someone else have exactly the same ideea! so I create a poll to promote the idea

@InterAction_studios wthat do you say? liked or not this idea??

If they wanted to vote/respond, they would most likely already have done it.

Perhaps you ſhould let their ſilence ſpeak for itſelf.

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