Switching Superweapons


Hey Guys,

Right now, If I have equipped, for example, 3 damage amplifiers and 3 missiles, it could come to a situation where I would use a missile in a certain wave but a damage amplifier is up next. That means I can’t use a missile except I waste 3 amplifiers. That’s why you should be able to switch the superweapon (either with a keypress or an own gui that pauses the game).


I think this ſhould be achieved through having a different key per ſuperweapon.


With the bosses being buffed, this now come in handy.

The quickest way is by using the mouse scroll.
I use 2 types most of the time cause missiles and mine bombs are very rarely used.


What about people who don’t have a mouſe? There would need to be ſome alternative.


Additional keyboard binding, as you said earlier (I’m comfortable with Shift or Ctrl)