Special Weapons Switching

Have you been in a situation when you mount 2 special weapon types (for example: Mines and Dimensional Phase-outs) and you need to use Dimensional Phase-out instead of Mines? I have 2 suggestions:

Suggestion 1: Make a perishable

  • Price and amount: 5 keys for 8 (total 40 keys)
  • Name: Special Weapons Switcher
  • Description: (haven’t come up with a description yet :l )

Suggestion 2: Make special weapons switching free

How to switch: Create a hotkey for special weapons switching (for example: F2)

Ps: If this was suggested before then I’d be grateful if you put a link to that topic in the reply

Thank you for reading!


I second this idea but in my opinion mouse wheel (up\down arrows for keyboard users) may be a better control choice


nice .

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Here mine

as IA said : is on the list!


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