Switching Special weapons (Not the main weapon)

Well, I found we need to get a switching special weapons system that if we use two kinds of special weapons in one mission because when I was playing a mission with two different special weapons, I found that it uses the special weapons that from left to right and when that slot of the special weapon empty, It gets to the next one. For Example:

I use missiles for a wave and then I went to a wave that I need Dimensional Phase-Out, I can’t switch to the slot that contains the Dimensional Phase-Out till the slot that contains missiles get empty and then get to the wanted one.

I want to use Scrolling the middle button for that switch from left to right in the slots and that will collect the different slots that contain one kind of special weapons. For Example:

The First slot contains 3xMissiles and the sixth slot contains 3xMissiles and 11th Slot contains 2xMissiles, The System will collect them as one slot that contains 3+3+2= 8xMissiles.

The kind of special weapons that will be in the first slot that will appear first in the mission then the next one from left to right.

( I don’t know If that topic was already suggested or not. If it is, Tell me)


Sorry, but… yeah. It was. Pretty recently, too (like a few days ago?)
I don’t remember anyone not being in support of it though - it’s a good idea.


Already Suggested

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Thank you.

Thanks for telling me about that.

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