Superweapon: Item Magnet


Draws items close to you without having to fly all over the screen.
What it would look like: A large light blue aura that surrounds your ship.
If items are in close proximity of the magnetic aura, they will be drawn in.
Stack limit 3, lasts 10 seconds.


How is it perishable if it lasts 10 seconds? Perishable items last for the entire mission,and then they get removed from your inventory


Oop, scratch perishable, It’s a superweapon.


It’s a weapon?
What it kills?


Does dimensional phaseout kill? No. Is it a superweapon? Yes. So this can be,too.


I know but it should be super ability sort of thing than just some superweapon. :+1:


Well,there isn’t a “super ability” category yet


It kills all projectiles/disables lasers instantly.


What does? Dimensional phaseout?


Excluding that.

Yeah true, there should be another category but it will be still on the same slot as superweapons.


Does it attract eggs, too?


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no need to swear.


Thanks for the suggestion wiseacre.


This powerup should HELP you, not hinder you by pulling in enemy projectiles that destroy your ship. So no.


On the other hand, it could be a fairly cheap ſpecial weapon ſold for the ſame reaſon as Clupea Herangus back in CI3.