Early Access version 26

To be honest, yes.


Can the Heavy Bombers get some key bonus after missions due to the fact their slowness can make you miss much more keys than on the Mueller? Heavier ship - bigger equipment perks.


Ok so many change when i left this game lul :grinning:

Introducing some sort of “Magnet for keys & food” that pulls them to you from a small distance, would probably be a better solution. Many games have feature like this.


I would like that a lot. Many players would like that feature a lot. It should be a perishable though so that you can’t always use them.

There’s already a few requests regarding that, I think the discussion regarding that should be continued.

Although larger key/power-up/food collection radius should be a feature of a new variant of spaceship instead.

Actually, great idea.

And I think I have a candidate.

For a very simple reason:

Please note the following item:

It would solve a dilemma that i have with the magnet being a superweapon: advantages in competìtive challenges. I am one of those very conservative people with itmes in games, and i would rarely use magnets. That would give an advantage in score to those who use items often, like this, its perfect.

@InterAction_studios If you see this please implement @GgWw1175’s suggestion to introduce the Millennium Hatchling. Its probably much easier to implement Hen Solo’s ship than the heavy bombers. The community has been asking for its return for a while, please make it happen!


How can you decide that? It’s not just the fact that the model is already present.

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Ah! I keep messing up my answers a lot!

Well, for one there’s no need to design a weapon system from scratch for it. If it’s a freighter, just make it bigger than the M40X and perhaps give it a speed limit (a bit faster than the bombers’) if you feel like it needs one.

Of course we wouldn’t be introducing the Millennium Hatchling itself, only the family it belongs to with two or three variants (each next one with a stronger tractor beam emitter, presumably).


That’s a really great idea but I’m afraid that this is the wrong topic to write in down on. I suggest you make your own topic featuring this idea in the Ideas category before Orandza comes along.

Clucker Bomb, interesting

Wait, the Bomber Test Flight mission is gone? Isn’t it supposed to stay for about 2 weeks?

Is there a type of bomb that ends with -er? Mayb e there could be some correlation on how it will work in-game

It could be a cluster bomb of some sort.
In which case, sign me up!

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Is the Experimental Flight Test - Heavy Bomber only available for the next two weeks, and then never become available again or it is simply regenerated every two weeks?

Where can I sign?