Supernova mission nitpick

So, we’re assuming that the star going supernova destroyes the star. (Or rather it becomes the boss)
Now, the flying rock stuff. That’s the star right? Then why if I fight the blue star are the rocks still orangey?
Well alright that might be just heated/molten rock… from a star?
Sorry If I’m dumb.

HOWEVER when you fight the boss, the old star, the star shine from the mission is still there. From the back of the boss. Blue. While the boss is orange.

Interactino plz fix


Oh, whoops. Sorry :S

I’d still like a color change if possible depending on the star.



No, it makes no ſenſe from a ſcientific point of view, but then neither do chickens flyïng through ſpace.

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At least it should be a little scientific.

Maybe the chickens ſhould have to exhale to move around.

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