Supernova debris and Frozen planets

So in weekly challenge like wave 31 to 40, Super nova debris appears However that’s fine but the mysterious thing is that the mission is still frozen while super nova is very hot
Please remove the flakes effects on screen while that.


I still haven’t tried WC but if all 100 waves are frozen then it’s known. Sadly iA said he can’t change environments in the same mission.

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Blue/icy cold debris when

I don’t know how they coded the objects in game but can they make in one debris if it entered it destroys what makes it snowing then after the bossa nova die it creates the generator of flakes if the place is frozen

@InterAction_studios I recommended to change flame effect into frozen effect, because this screenshot is familiar to Eta Astropelecae (frozen planet) on CI5’s Chapter 8.

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frozen Bossa Nova can only ever appear on challenges and frozen planet boss rushes, so I don’t think it’s that important

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Don’t ever complain about logicality in games


“Logicality” is different from graphics consistency.

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