Super Secret gag wave in Chicken Invaders levels

There is a gag wave in CI3 saying: “This wave is closed for renovation”.
It’s a pretty random gag that got added for no reason, which is kinda funny.

What if this gag wave got reintroduced in Chicken Invaders level types, where it shows up with a 0.001% chance, and does not appear in competitions?

It would be one of those super secret waves that’s only there for those who do lots of CI planetary missions, so should be a pretty fun suprise for casual players. It’s also extremely easy to implement.
And, at least for the game’s current state, it fits because the game is still being renovated.

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there should be some (the gag text will appear later):

Object Approaching:
Alien Container
…wait, where there is none?

Wave X of Y
hmmm…no rocks?

Wave X of Y
Treasure Shower
…there is no treasure chest in space, dummy!


“This wave has been closed due to excessive egg-related activity”.
chickens tied up near a Space Burger

That is a lot of support for a gag wave lol.

I mean why not, what harm could this possibly do?

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Clearly, that it would awesome depends the rng randomly if ppl it would screwed up an part of mission then bonus ones it wouldn’t appear until you’re gonna improve it on it. :eyes:

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I’m not too thrilled about this change, considering some players did not even get the joke back in CI3.

Little-known trivia: A particular wave already has a special ‘secret’ variation. It only appears with a probability of 0.1%, so it’s quite possible that it will never be revealed.


I thought that gag was hilarious.

Super secret wave? Hmmhmm

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