Suggestion: Make some of the enemies and bosses react to your actions and movement

This will make the game more challenging and interesting. It gets repetitive when enemies and bosses do the same thing over and over, so I think this could add more tension and challenge (like I already mentioned) to the game.

For example, make a boss activate some sort of a force field or barrier when you try to get close to him. Or make a boss move according to your position on the screen.

If you have any more examples you came up with, please let me know in the comments! I’d like to hear it.

Well. Some of bosses do track your position. Iron Chef, Crab v2, Henterprise and some more. Crab even activates shield after throwing mini suns few times.
Maybe InterAction can make some expert mode like in Terraria. It makes the game more difficult by changing enemies movement and new attacks.

Now i only want IA increases the boss’s hp higher in the next update and if possible, redo the boss’s attacks

Ninja chick move toward you when you come near like a magnet, while pirate chick will move away from your aimed spot. And sergeant chicken will bounce away after being hit

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A while back I ſuggeſted this.