Storm Missions on Gaseous Planets

I’d suggest a new mission type that applies speed limit on all ship types, not just the Bomber family. This will be an addition to the current mission.

  • Icon will be similar to a cyclone, since it’s the nature of the mission type itself.
  • These will mostly only appear on planets that are gaseous and having a short rotation period. Other planet types as well assuming that they have a thick atmosphere.
  • There will be a wind effect, similar to the ones seen on Chapter 11 in CI5. Colors change depending on the color of the planet’s atmosphere.
  • Lore: You detected that some chickens are scattered at a very low altitude on a certain gaseous planet. It’s low enough that air drag already affects your ship. Equipping with maneuvering jets is recommended here.

This still needs some adjustment, but most of the key ideas are there.

New mission type may be pretty taxing. Maybe just a hazard like frost or electric? (Even if they don’t do anything, such wasted opportunity).

There’s already an item that lets players access electric planets, so they should be safe on hazards. Visual and sound cues are still there (same as the frozen ones on visual standpoint.)

In planet missions are much work to be implemented, though it would be cool.

Because it doesn’t make sense if it’s still in space.

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