Static seed for powerups on challenges

Right now you can restart the challenge thousands of times to get a firepower in the wave or needed weapon. Even if you can’t restart, you can Alt+F4 to do this. If it is possible, it would be good if generation of powerups be the same for all players.

UPD: If this will ever be done, medal comes to @Davoid as he suggested it before.


It will be like how I farm power-ups in Mario

  1. clear the stage

  2. make sure the power up is at start

  3. enter it again

  4. grab power up and quit

  5. repeat step 3 and 4

I don’t wanna say I suggested this earlier, but…

This has been already suggested.


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Stop stealing my work, I get money for this. actually no
Self-Already suggested. Thanks.


I funnied it

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