Stat-to-Key Converter

Wow, you did a lot of heroic jobs! It means, you have got a lot of medals, right?
So, have you thought about getting keys by how much you did? So, this might be what you’ve been thought for a long time.

(Pic above is my stat, btw.)

My idea is this;

If you once have right condition, you can do “stat assessment” at the regional Heroes Academy.

When you “assess the stat”, your stat resets. But, don’t worry! some of your progress does not reset, and you can select what you wanna reset and can get keys proportionally to your stat.

If you want to assess the stat, you must:

  • attain Tier 99
  • associate your account with E-mail
  • have callsign
  • not have assessed/reset the stat within 90 days / 3 months.

If you gonna assess the stat, Academy does not do it right at the moment. To be more specifically, you “register, or ask for” the assessment, and Academy resets your stat at 00:00 GMT+0, every Monday.

Time range of stats assessed is "from the time of joining UHF (or first day upon assessment if you’re to reset your stat again) to 11:59:59 GMT+0, Sunday of same week of your reset application day.

  1. The following is the stat that MUST reset (cannot toggle if you’re going to reset, regardless of your intention)
  • Tier
  • Score
  • Weapon Usage
  • Flight Time
  • Victory Ratio
  • Item(Food, Coin, Gift, Key) Collected
  • Lives lost
  • Special Weapon used
  • Medal of Annihilation
  • Distinguished Green Greed Cross Medal
  • Meritorious Marksmanship Award
  • Medal of Great Appetite Achievement
  • Chicken Hunter Medal of Excellence
  • Hard-Boiled Certificate of Merit
  • Recognition Medal of Self-Resistant
  • Conspicious “No Help” Commendation
  • Honourable “Either Brave or Stupid” Award
  • Outstanding ‘One Man Army’ Medal
  • Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award
  • Trivial/Easy/Intermediate/Hard/Very Hard/Elite Campaign Trophy
  • Grill Hero
  1. The following is the stat that NEVER reset
  • Galaxy Exploration progress
  • Item/Equipment that you own (including Upgrade progress)
  • Grand Accomplishment Admiral
  • Daily Diligence Declaration
  • Victorious Champion Stamp of Approval
  • Scrooge McCluck Certification
  • Great Perfectionist Acknowledgement
  • Missions flown
  • Waves flown
  1. The following resets, but only one resets to 1, not 0. (at least has 1)
  • Birthday Accomplishment
  • Daily Winner (Easy/Intermediate/Hard)
  • Weekly Winner
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Ironman
  • Galactic Cup
  • Daily Hard Worker
  • Weekly Hard Worker
  • Busy Bee Accolade
  • Early Access Participation
  • Great Minds Thinks Alike
  • Bug Exterminator Medal
  • Any other medal that awarded for CIA game contribution, by IA studio game dev team.
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the bug/idea medals shouldn’t ever get reset otherwise they would be pointless


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