SSH is too easy

Let’s be honest, most of us play on it and are comfortable beating most missions. You can beat a boss with just the moron railgun! I think it’s time for a change. The difficulty topics often pop-up here and there.

We “all” want to go back to the 10.1v times. We “all” want to expierience true pain. We “all” want to become the ultimate laser & egg dodging masters.

So Interaction Studios. What are you waiting for? Show us the dark side, so we may follow it, and beome the strongest we can.

It’d be a shame to leave such a great feature for the release. Don’t hold back. Join the dark side. May the fastest and strongest attacks in the galaxy be upon us!

Seriously where is my difficulty I wanna suffer


I ſuggeſted reſcaling he difficulties, but that went over like a lead balloon.

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Isn’t that we have 2 difficulties to be added? At least the SSH bar doesn’t show max difficulty

Then there is me that is struggling on virtuoso

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Try Bossa Nova on SSH, max difficulty with Moron or Ion blaster :slight_smile: The hell welcomes you :wink:

Not that hard,just time consuming.

As @Traveller said, space the difficulties out more and add 1 or 2 new ones. Seriously, we all only pick SSH almost all of the time, right? I think the hardest difficulty isn’t meant to be a standard. On the hardest difficulty, even the best players should struggle, we have to push the limits!

Also, difficulty should focus on dodging and reacting, not on battle time. We’d better have short intense battles than sloggy & long battles that don’t really require reaction & dodging but patience.

All in all, I want CIU to have crazy possibility & chaos that makes all previous games look like nothing.


Here’s a link to my propoſal (which incidentally was alſo on a topic poſted by Davoid):

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Ez? Try wave 71-100 in weekly challenge with SSH plz

I do every time I fly the weekly.

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Chickenaut and Egg Ship always take my Extra Life

Maximum difficulty!
v10.1 speed is impossible for controller players, but attacks quantity is perfect.

I liked the difficulty of the firſt verſion. You know, the one that had that bug that randomly made miſſions up to 40% harder.
I think the all-miniboſs limitations ſhould be removed for SSH allowing us to fight ſome of thoſe epic waves from way back when.

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Spiral of Chickenauts, Russian Chick Gatling Roulette, Russian Roulette with Eggships and Egg barriers, Literally any level but filled with Chickenauts and Eggships. Also, try doing them with one life only without any super weapon, mountable or sattelites

They actually did it (i think week after my post) :sweat_smile: One time i was just thinking about fenced in with armored egg ship chickens and the next day on weekly there you go! Obviosly IA read my thoughts.

Think of chicken roulette but every single chicken(not just 5 of them) is replaced with chick gatling guns

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What about Egg Cannon and The Henterprise spawning gatling guns instead of chickens?

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I would like to try Yolk star but the terminator chickens are Chick gatling gun

…and with ten laſers.

Cool, but Henterprise and Egg Cannon spawns a lot more. @Traveller This is sadistic :grin: