Squadron job board

This topic is for putting up your applications to join a squadron. There’s been many posts about wanting to join a squadron or squadron recruiting topics which kinda flood the forums. So here is a collection topic for all that. You can post about your squadrons or put up applications of wanting to be a member.


Okay since I found this topic. I’m looking for a squadron to join. Any squadron is okay.

I don’t know how much I can help, but I will try my best and do as much as i can


I will answer tomorrow cause now is very late night in my county, at around 6 AM.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have a squadron named “union of special space players”. I assign some missions sometimes, and sometimes not. If you want to join in, I can send a invite.

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The last one before mine was made just a month ago. Although it’s good to see someone making a squadron member recruitment thread.

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Yes I want to join. Thanks.

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Your callsign is the same as the name on the forums, right?

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Ok, hold on, let me send the invite, accept it.

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Thanks. I will accept it When I playing the game.

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Do you wanna get invited? /s

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Of course

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I have one slot open for someone to join Galactic Gladiators.
Preferable someone that likes to compete.

I want to join!

What is your call sign?

same as forums nickname

Alright done! Sent the request,Thanks

accepted it.

Requesting to join as well, if you still have any slots left.