SpringFire Tournament (Not for CHL users)

Greeting recruits!

Competitions always hype up the community, because they give a purpose for players to chase. For example, CS:GO have Major Championships, LOL have World Championship, so why not for Chicken Invaders Universe ? :smiley:
However, there is one difference: This tournament will be held by me, all rewards will be purchased by me.
So let’s begin.

Players: 64

  • Champion: A Chicken Hunter License
  • Second: 15000 keys

How to join ?
Here is the qualification mission you need to fly.

After you have a good score, leave a comment about your callsign, and have a screenshot about your score below., like this (Cre: @windinecraft)

The expiration date to join is 26/01/2022, at 23:00 GMT+7.
Let’s start the qualification phase!


btw, that screenshot is my

Have cre :smiley:

oh ok :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

and i will join the tournament
Callsign: Windy

can someone host multi on it so i can get it in my favs

Sure thing

wait i have chl so nvm

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So bruh

just to inform you that i dont like the bruh word


bruh why

Just because i want to hype up the community

i sent that to pacman not you

because the situation doesnt fit the bruh word here

You haven’t said that who you sent :slight_smile:

what pacman

he did?

Never he did before i answer. Let’s stop going off-topic

ok before this escalates into a nitpick tournament i replied with my message of “bruh why” to pacman’s message of “i don’t like the word bruh” as a joke


I’ll be honest here, using normal missions for a competition is flawed since they’re RNG, so recruits can get considerably different score even for the same mission.