SpringFire Tournament (Not for CHL users)

its a community thing just for fun tho lol, not an official thing

though that could make for a good setting for creating multiplayer matches or even our own competitions, where the settings can be tweaked to make it more competitive or less competitive

When you screenshot your score, i just caculate base score and medal scores, so i think no flaw

is this for people who dont have CHL?

Yes, it is.

humm, alright i am in

Please follow the instruction to join the tournament. Thank you :smiley:

oof, i have to fly really far

Cool rewards

How does that solve the randomness

Base score and medal scores only, no fluctuation or unoriginally penalty. What is randomness in base score and medal score exactly ?

gift drops and firepower drops

That’s minor, i think it should be ok :frowning:

gift drops and firepower constitute a really big part of the score, so not really

I see…, but I can’t to participate here. Because I already got the CHL, which mean this tournament is required for some players that didn’t receive the CHL.

Please make it expire in 4/2/2022

Because it will give more player to join

I want to join but i have exams rn and work to do

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Let’s not forget random coin drops and food


23:00 what? GMT?

probably GMT+7 because that’s Vietnam timezone and @C0mplex is in Vietnam

ok im going there

I’m so sorry but I don’t have much time about preparing something for the next rounds. Moreover, I don’t have much skill about doing mission with 100% difficulty + SSH skill :confused:
I’ll wait until summer :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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