Speed Kill Bonus

Small bonus idea which it may get denied or some kind.

Speed Bonus is some sort of bonus. It’s a time-based bonus for non-time out waves. Basically, killing all chickens in the limited of time will give you the bonus.

How does it work?

After the wave starts, a timer could be seen below the progress bar (or on the middle top if no HUD) And the bonus reward at the right. If you kill all chickens fast or just leave the timer, it goes red when reach 10 seconds and the bonus will disappear and saying Bonus Failed in red stating that it took too long/ time is out to achieve the bonus.


Speed bonuses could not be achieved in timeout waves (where chickens could escape) because the “Clean Sweep” already took it’s place.

Boss Bonus

*I added the black outline for a reason

The bonuses also available for bosses. However, the bonus score will slowly drops down as the timer goes down. Dropping to 00.00 will result of 0 bonus score.

Bonus Cancellation

Bonuses will be disabled for the rest of the wave if the player dies or uses a special weapon. Despite the bonus failed but the timer will still drop, it’s just in red.


Sure, although I don’t think there’s really a need for a timer in the HUD. Seeing it go down every wave is gonna be stressful and distracting. The game can calculate the bonus score without telling you and when the wave ends it can show up where all of the other bonuses and medals appear.
You could always purchase an optional HUD item that dispays the timer somewhere.


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