Special mode [Timer,No Mountable,No Special weapons,No Extra Lifes]

Special mode [Timer,No Mountable,No Special weapons,No Extra Lifes]

If time runs out:

or without death

No Mountable

and maybe* you can’t buy it
No Special Weapons

No Extra Lifes
you can’t put Extra lifes.

Mode from Fruit Ninja
(For example) If you forget to destroy Falling UFO, you will not get 100% in progress and you will get X
If you collected X 3 times, you will fail mission

  1. You can get X only one time per one wave
  2. You can get X more than 1 time per one wave



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honestly i agree with the Time mode, a Time attack, i agree that

4 minutes for ten waves? Ouch…


I never understand the specific item restrictions. It’s the player who buys them, they have to spend keys! If you don’t use them, it’s fine, but don’t restrict others to your standard. I can understand a bit for the fruit ninja, but the gamemode is so mechanically different, would it even fit?


Its normal for speedruners.

I like the time rush mode

and the time will be plus if you finished a wave

Time BONUS! Freeze TIME!

yes, I mean bonus time

Freeze time is my idea

freeze time? I dont think that a good idea

It just like something can freeze the time in Fruit Ninja Arcade mode
Edit: Oh, something can freeze the time is banana (blue color)

oh yes.

Considering you’d only have your regular weapon,is it really normal?

It’s just a mission type which you can decide whether to play or not. If you still want to use the items, just simply ignore that mission type and go for a normal one

So you’d have to miss out on the whole thing just bevause you want to use items?

Exactly, because it’s optional. If you want a challenge, then go for this mission type, if you don’t then just ignore it. Like people can choose to play Darkness mode or not

Um,yeah,darkness mode doesn’t force you to do it without items. If you wanted to play without items,can’t you just choose to do so yourself instead od being forced into doing that? I’d like a time attack mode,but I don’t want to have to miss out on it just because it requires you to do it without items.

Dude, do you understand what “mission type” is? You can decide whether to play it or not. For example: does the game force you to play Boss Rush, Squawk or ordinary mission type only? No. And it applies to Robocat’s idea as well, if you want to play it(for better key base multiplier for example) then go for it, if you don’t, then stick to the mission that allow you to play with items, it’s that simple