Special mode [Timer,No Mountable,No Special weapons,No Extra Lifes]

Dude,do you understand what I’m trying to say? Do I have to miss out on the entire damn mission type just because I want to use items? Whether or not you want to use items should be your own choice. You bought those items so that you’d be able to use them,not because you want the game to stop you from using them. Besdies,no extra lives sounds like it would especially rely on RNG…what if I get an epic wave where I’m surrounded by 20 armored chickens,and I simply have no way of avoiding their bullets? That would be very annoying. What if i get spiral of doom with chickenauts only? That thing is impossible without superweapons

Yes you have because that’s the mission type’s rule, want to give the mission a try? Play by its rule or simply leave. You want to play Darkness mode? The rule is your vision will be restricted. Want to play Quawk? The rule is you can only move at the bottom of the screen. Don’t want to play Robocat’s mission idea, ignore it

And what about the second half of my message? The fact that some missions would be very RNG-based because you can’t use superweapons and/or extra lives?

Stop whining and get used to it then. And again, you are not forced to play the mission anyway, so just ignore it if you afraid and “leave world saving to the true heroes”

I would ſay that the timed miſſion concept ſounds good, but not the “no items” rule. I think that mounting no items ſhould give you a medal at the end of any miſſion, either only if you win, or whether or not you do (whichever works beſt).


Ok,I can’t wait to see a true hero beat spiral of doom with chickenauts only without items. Message me when that happens.(max difficulty ssh,of course.)
I honestly can’t believe that people could support RNG like that.
I agree with Traveller,you could make using no items in a mission a medal.

I will

You will get message probably when @ChickenInvadersFan72 ban ends :slight_smile:


What happened with @ChickenInvadersFan72 ?
I didn’t visit this forum in December. So I don’t know him

You are awarded a Superior Budget Thriftness Commendation Medal by not using any items.

Feat will become obsolete in the long run.

He tried to get attention with revolting spam. Then he was IP banned, the original account is banned for 1000 years. After more than 999 years he will be unbanned. It was really hell in the forum! You can search a topic named: Emergency, with over 160 replies!
EDIT: the troll posts are deleted.

He’s actuälly banned permanently:
" This user is suspended.
Reason: Suspended for violating the Terms of Service"

Until 12 december 3018 8:00 am.

I don’t ſee that on his profile info. Where is it?

Older version of forum showed this:

Ah. That’d explain it.

damage amps or phaseouts are needed for these kinds of waves, aka chickenaut spiral of doom, armored roulette, three strikes and you’re out but it has armoreds,

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People buy/use items when missions get too hard. For example I used phase-outs for the first time to beat the insane UCO back in the old version. But for these missions I guess you can’t do that because “It’s supposed to be hard, just go play something else”. You might say to just use a easier difficulty. But that makes the whole mission easier, and items help out in emergency, not through the whole thing.

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what you said to orandza is rude, ya know?


I like this mode. It could be useful for global competitions.

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