Sounds and Music Bug

So i have discovered a new bug in the android edition about sounds and music bug

First of all this bug cannot be fixed if you leave the game, and it can be repeated so much times, like when you try to login or play a mission or just paused the mission or leave it, the music and sounds are getting muted with no reason, i tried to find a way to fix that bug but sadly there is no way to fix it so thats why i came here to say that, and thx

Same thing happened to me twice and i already reported it, I’ll show what iA said about it now. Here’s my topic.

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i know that wormhole music bug travelled a wormhole then enter wormhole
open galactic store > i hear that swopping inside wormhole sound then play the music > wormhole outside but then after CIU Theme (ambient) something combined from music then close the bottom at galactic store yeah seems an of muted sounds this is a bug?

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