Looks like android version has some minor bugs

So i was playing this droid mission (this type of missions is really hard especially when flying it on the mobile version).

Anyway, when i reached to the final boss (The Iron Chef) all the sounds has been muted suddenly and the boss music didn’t play, i tried to leave the game (by pressing the circle button → :o: at the bottom of the screen) i started to hear the sounds again but the music still not playing.

Sorry for my annoying topics about bugs in the game but i really love this game, that’s why I’m gonna report every bug in this game.

This bug really scared me, i thought the problem was from my phone lul…

(I cannot record this type of bugs… Sorry… Again).

Same thing happened again, No sounds, No music until i open the game again to bring back the sounds.

All bugs should go to #ciu-development

Ma bad, Sorry mate…

Most likely a sound engine (“BASS for Android”) bug. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for fixing it.


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