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So I just played some Chicken Invaders and thought… where did the sound effects come from? The chickens dying, the metal breaking… were they digitally made? Were they bought from online stores? Or did you actually go to a farm and record some chicken noises :stuck_out_tongue: I’d like to believe that, but I need your answer @InterAction_studios. This is extremaly serious and important.


The first Chicken Invaders showed that the sounds were taken from some existing sound library.

But that’s just the first…

The chicken sounds came from a sound designer that we hired. Curiously, we still don’t know whether he strangled real chickens in his backyard to produce the sounds :wink:

The rest of the effects are mixed from various sources (web and CD, both free and non-free). The music is original composition.


@InterAction_studios what about the music? Will you be remastering or remixing old tracks for this game or are they gonna stay as they are? Please answer😓

Existing tracks will remain as they are – although we are considering increasing the encoding bitrate for the PC version (either in the base game, or perhaps only in an ‘HD’ special edition which you would only get when you purchase a Chicken Hunter License)


@InterAction_studios and will ciu have the same amount of tracks as previous games? (Not including tracks from previous episodes) or will it have more?

Is the soundtrack from teaser 1 the menu theme of ciu?

Yes, it’s the menu/galaxy music. It’s actually two tracks designed to cross-fade seamlessly into each other. So seamlessly, in fact, that you didn’t notice there’s two of them in the trailer :wink:


So the teaser was actual game footage? Also, will the career medals stay the same?

@InterAction_studios about the teaser, when is the next one coming? Are there gonna be different backgrounds based on levels or we are always gonna see that one background?


Next teaser sometime in September. The default background has been already updated from what you see in the trailer, and here will be different unlockable backgrounds (similar to CI5)


@InterAction_studios will some levels also have their own backgrounds like in ci4? Or are we just gonna get unlockable backgrounds?

What’s the current plan for early access and full release?

It hasn’t changed from our Plan Update #1: Early access sometime in September (hopefully), official in December.


Each mission type has its own ‘default’ background, which can be overridden if you wish. Right now all missions use the same defaut background, but as we add new types, this may change.

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@InterAction_studios Well CUI will be perfect gift for Christmas :santa::rooster::poultry_leg:

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Yup. Chicken Hunting License (CHL) is also a great present. :grin:

@InterAction_studios Have you thought about adding player ranking system in the game? Or item rarity (legendary, epic, rare etc…)?

Please no looteggs plz no