Something can be reused from ROTY episode

In Revenge of the Yolk, at the prologue we have this pan:

I wonder that we can reuse it as an item in CIU?


Already Suggested

“if you’re suggesting to bring something from an old episode back, then someone have done it before you”

  • me, 2023

Having read about it, but I think my idea would be completely different: instead of blocking the attacks, this pan would reflect it back towards the chickens.


You totally can replace it xd
Because u r not just pan, you are pans



This is a fun idea for a satellite. A parry mechanic is a W mechanic.

If we will use it, then what will we use it for?

A satellite that reflects chicken bullets? Nice.
Here’s my idea if this thing would ever come to life:
The Pan satellite:
Description: A defensive satellite that reflects small blasts from enemies and can potentially cook you some omelette.
Feature: Instantly cracks regular eggs (just like when they reach the bottom of the screen); removes lingering proximity eggs, poops, snowballs from cold chicken, fireballs from phoenix and alien mothership debris’s; reflects every other small projectile (from metal suit chickens, chickenaut and armored). Does not remove slowing potions from Klaus and potions from Dr. Beaker, instead instantly activates their effects.

  • Option 1: Blocks/reflects 50 projectiles before expiring (5 damaged states, 10 each) but you can only mount one per ship.
  • Option 2: Blocks/reflects 15 projectiles before expiring (5 damaged states, 3 each), you can have up to 3 mounted to a ship.

This item cannot be obtained throughout missions. It’s only available in the Galactic Shop (no Heroware or Shady dealers) at the price of 1567 keys.

shameless plug:


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