Some questions and concerns

I have came back to this game after a long time and i had some of whatever is on the title.

1-What really differs spacecrafts? What are the key differences other than “higher firepower” of BX and “key bonus” of H&C
2-what are tiers, it shows 99 to me but i have no idea what its for.
3-What happens to extra reactor power produced, could it somehow be added to our raw firepower or something (else)?
|4-How does electrical environment resistance work?
5-How can i disable main theme music but have mission music on? it would also work by changing it. i have standalone version and i would change the music manually by myself if i could but all i could find was fkin binaries requiring misc hacks.
|6-will there be an offline version for the game for preservation reasons, like a release for each version
7-Does mission time affect your score?
|8-Whats the use of missile when there are mines? its not cheaper too, just dependent on whatever you’re closer to center or not? (cause if so it will take less time to detonate)
9-What does mass (of equipment and spaceships) determine? i imagined it would slow down during massive env. missions and engines would require a specified thrust power to make them effective otherwise it would either not be allowed or make it slow down even if its not supposed to, and if it is its slowed down even more.
(ps. i dont sense a good realism in this game, and i wont accept “arguments” such as “oh how real chickens invading huhh??”)
*10-There are multiple cosmetic exhausts for spaceships. but i would like the one like my thruster for realism. which thruster looks more like which exhaust
*11-Is there a mode where i can just shoot and enjoy and not worry about heat?

-misc concerns:
in wave “whats the time” it lags very considerably to gameplay.
location fluctuation is stupid.
is the hexagram in CHL logo intentional and what does it supposed to (officially) represent?
a comprehensible official game guide is still lacking
beakers have ridiculous hp
-My requests:
1-I have multiple spacecraft and i (would) like to change them regularly mission by mission. however i only have one kind of reactor, heatsink, weapon etc. and i use the same equipment across all spacecrafts. (maybe not the weapon and hardpoints all the time, but) i would like to have those equipment follow whatever currently is my flagship so i wont have to remove and change those manually everytime i change spacecrafts.
2-FULL replica of the original game (experience) for other CI games accessable from profile screen, unless IA continues to call it “CI#U” then i would be disappointed but not fully lost still i guess.
3-Automaticly using some special weapons when necessary, like before hitting, automaticly using dimmensional phase out or other, may the sweapon effectiveness be reduced by little some when automaticly triggered? (may make the game slightly unchallenging, it still reduces score and cant help as much to limited movement with limited power so it should be balanced)
4-In previous games i used to spam fire to get better firepower for lower heat(i believe for specific weapons) it was tiresome also, when not having any boosters equipped this cant be the case, you cant take manual control, how about you could?
5-Can VF spaceships have the ability to see blackholes and wormholes better, especially in mission waves? (means waves like black hole hopping can be much more flexable)

I believe i will have more to add to all these, if i do i will add them
(note: ‘|’ indicate concerns satisfied, ‘*’ indicate new entries from an edit)

That’s pretty much the only difference.

A kind of career level. Reaching new tiers gives keys and grants access to harder missions. 99 is the final one.


Lightning strikes don’t kill you.

There wouldn’t be any reason leave your current place if it wasn’t there, and it’s not constant.

There are tutorials but people usually skip them.

That’s why you can buy more equipment than necessary.

This is likely temporary. They were supposed to be released separately from CIU. They are in CIU right now for the sake of testing the compatibility between 0 years old entire end 20 years old games.

Already happens for some equipment.

Was reworked into boosters because mobile players suffered from spamming significantly. You won’t reach the speed pc players reach in seconds.

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I dont really travel to find a positive location fluct., i do whatever i want to do. A reason to travel is to find better or different quests or just mapping the galaxy or something. key fluct sounds better honestly, points are just to tell how good you did and making that dependant on rng isnt good as im not bend and controlled by the game instead vice versa by complying with the Lflucts.

Sounds like ridiculous waste to me

You mean the perishables? they arent doing what exactly i said


afterall i guess ty for your time? i have a few more questions i will add them by editing the main topic

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Then just stop complaining about it.

You can find the answer from iA here.

Nope, but it will affect your ranking on a Space Race mission.

Depends on what you use it for, and when. I don’t see any complaint about that for now.

You can mod the game. Find it on FAQ topic to get the tools. There’s also tutorials for you. While you’re working with it you can ask people if there’s something wrong or confused.

Determine the maneuverability of a specific spaceship. It won’t be affect so much on Mass Mission Environment but you can clearly see its own speed by using different ship to see. VF is the fastest even the mass is comparable to the Muller series. BX is the slowest, but doesn’t be affected by mass missions (or not too much).

You can, but not every weapons love spamming. Absolver Beam is an example.

You cannot shoot automatically without pressing the mouse, keyboard, controller.

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BXs are the most powerful spaceship (maximum of 18+10) in the family but they are the slowest and takes a lot of firepower to build up
H&Cs have key gain perks (maximum of 16%) but they are weak
Ms (Mullers) are the most classic and balanced spaceship in the family (its also the most popular)
VFs gives environment resistances and extra satellite slots but they are also weak and too much ICBMs can blind you and other players

Tiers are your career level (kind of) and higher tiers unlocks harder missions and allow professionals and veterans to be added into your contacts

Excess power from the reactor won’t do anything (other than give you more room to attach better equipment - think it like an emergency generator that you use in your home when there’s a power cut)

If you get struck by lightning then you won’t die (I’m sure you’ve seen this before on multiplayer sessions)

You can turn off music and use your own music to play CIU with or by modding (check for more info)

Time doesn’t effect your mission overall, only Space Race

Sometimes detonating a missile is faster than a mine (when you’re really close to the center of the screen but why would you ask this?)

Laggy or not depending on your device, if it lags then you’ll have to turn down your graphics settings

Considering it effects your mission so insignificant that you can say/consider it doesn’t even exist (use score insight to see this)

Why would you ask this question?

Automatic is unreliable and dimensional phase-outs are expensive and not everyone wants to use it all the time (and no one is gonna use specials when they are playing Space Race)

Not all weapons can be spammed (especially Absolver Beam)

All in-mission and galaxy map wormholes are equally visible to all spaceship families

Extra and/or excessive equipment is never a bad thing

Bigger ships are worse for weaving in comet waves…

I understand you’re helping the guy but the “4-FX” there has pinged me in a notification lol

Was on my phone so it might have pinged ya by accident xd

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Dw bro, all cool :+1:

Most unnecessary toxicity, cringe.

Good to know, thanks

I care least about amount but the fact of existence

I definitely notice the slowdown

there are some rare situations for the beamer, also how?

Pretty sure i meant special weapons instead the primary weapon

sounds fun, not like i wanna use satellites for the old time’s sake (CI3)

wanted to be sure

almost all the time im getting the fps i limited it to, i noticed it lags more to phoenixes (i noticed when they appeared in sands of time wave)

curiosity as any

space race isnt the only thing to do in ciu, yet alone its only repetitive

if you dont mind me asking which ship has smallest hitbox? i assumed H&C but there are 3 models and i dont know if it has any impact on it or not


apart from all that i thank to every other reply i didnt quoted individually
also editing the main topic for even more questions, adding a star before it to indicate its a new edited material

Here are some more detailed differences between spacecraft made by Emerald:

Collision area comparison

Spacecraft speed guide

In case you don’t already know, there are tier goals where you have to reach a certain career score. Flying missions will increase said score, and once you’ve earned enough, you will advance a tier and be rewarded keys. You can check your tier progress in detail on the left side of your Profile screen.

I’ll skip explaining what benefits do higher tiers give, as others have already explained it.

Not at all, not even in Space Race, despite what others are saying. In that mission, time matters over score, so your rank will be higher the faster you complete it.

If I recall correctly, in the first versions of the game, the type of exhaust you have actually depended on the thruster you have equipped on your flagship, but the exhausts later got separated into spacecraft customization.

Either use the Accumulator, or equip Coolant Canisters. A lot of them.

It has to be intentional. I don’t think it represents anything, though.

That’s why there’s a fan-made guide out there, go check it out!

Damage Amplifiers.

What Bonnie said.

I hope these answers satisfy your questions and concerns!

hello guys im new user in forum i dont know how to make a topic i have a problem i was gonna play ciu after i entered i got a bsod my pc had an update and it got updated i entered ciu it sayed ciu.hst zeroed my acc was deleted why

and there was some more i tryed to come back but it didnt worked my call sign is player 676 i entered this name in the new acc it sayed this name is in use what happened

Maneuverability is affected by the maneuverability stat. Which in turn depends on the ship’s base maneuverability, the maneuverability bonus of the thruster, the number of maneuvering jets equipped, and whether the mission environment is massive or not. Mass doesn’t have any function in the game.



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How did you see that was toxicity by the way?

Do the same as you already did on original game. I assume you’re talking about lower heat generation?

I also meant how do you know when is necessary and when is not. Necessary situations aren’t always necessary by itself. It will sometimes get your load out be wasted for nothing.

were they really complaining when you told them not to? did you actually have any toxic intents? i don’t know, i don’t read minds, but i understand that you could be misunderstanding.

here, they expressed their opinion that buying more than you need is wasteful, and you respond with “quit complaining”.

first, that’s not a complaint, that’s an opinion. it’s not a problem within the equipment, but the choices of the player, so it’s an opinion. misinterpreting others’ message is rude (Eg. “i like crackers!” → “i hate pancakes”), but it can also be done unintentionally (see: language barrier).

second, rejecting opinions are also rude (Eg. someone says “i hate pancakes” and someone else replies with “I DON’T CARE!!”). this is self-elaborate, you will just hate it when you say something and no one listens to you.

i’m not a linguist, nor am i a native English speaker, but i hope i cleared some confusion and not create even more. even if so, let’s not make matters worse, ok?


these are very fine informations indeed, thank you for this. also the speed guide seems to misreference thrusters with engines
(and also your other replies)

maybe had, i wasnt in the game during that stage of development. but i still would like to know which one is which, i can brainstorm a bit to get a good assumption but im also curious about the official info

trying not to use special weapons other than the missiles and mines, for the OGs sake

the game itself has changed into a way where manually shooting is almost about the same as holding the fire, or literally from what i have seen

the way game calculates how you die, i guess
–(SYSTEM TIP: consider making one reply of all quotations instead seperate replies for each reply [should have thought about it sooner])–

+ its better to state your opinions as opinions instead the way to “guide” them, (aka telling them what to do) if you can

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