CIU Beginner's Guide 101! A quickstart guide for newbies!

Hello forum enthusiasts,
since there are no “general guides” on this game I have decided to take it upon myself to create one.

I and others have been working on it for more than 5 minutes and I think it is finally time to show you all the fruits of my labor.
But look! I can already see you rolling your eyes at this block of text. Here, let me grab your attention with some exciting features of this guide:

  • More than 10 (ten!!!) pages of content that you might not known/known already!
  • Opinions that might or might not be presented as facts.
  • GIFS and pictures that will test your internet speed!
  • Absolutely presentable text & tables that might (not) work on mobile!

So yeah… check it out, I guess? Of course, I welcome all feedback and criticism!

A “bare-minimum”, barely presentable guide on Invading, Dining & Slaying in Chicken Invaders Universe (click this link!)

“Lightweight” version

Okay, now that it’s all over with, I hope you guys check it out and please give feedback/criticisms if you’re able. thanks! Depending on interests, I might keep this guide updated and all that yada yada. Thank you for contributing and reading, everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the section where I (suzu) asks my worst enemy (suzu) possible questions that will destroy her career.

Q: Who are you? What makes you qualified to make this guide?
A: Uhh… shit you’re right, I’m a nobody. Nobody trusts me! But perhaps people will trust this guide more because I had real veterans, experts at the game help me make it, such as Emerald, _someRandomDude.VN, liam, neonep, PlasmaX, Stary and more! That makes the guide good! AND MORE CREDIBLE!!! THANKS LI A HOLE AM. for your sweet and kind suggestions <3

Q: Who asked?
A: I did! When I started out, I was really confused and I had to ask around for advice. But I found out that there is no “starter guide” of sorts around here. So I decided to take it upon myself and make it! Others chipped in as well!

Q: I already knew everything! This guide is so USELESS!
A: Well that might be true, but still, it’s a guide! for newbies! who might not know many things! This guide’s existence is justified, right, right?

Q: Why does this guide load so slow?
A: This guide is heavy on images. Lots and lots of images of all types, moving ones too. Also there’s also an image of your mo- Oops, I am getting off topic. But anyways, this guide is BIG, so please give it time to load <3

Q: Why does this guide look so BAD on mobile?
A: Sorry, I don’t really know how to fix this either. My format (tables, etc) are so phone-friendly, and my attempts to make it better are unfruitful so far. You can hate me for that, I deserve it. And for potential fixes, I guess viewing it in “landscape” mode makes it better. I guess I can just blame Google Docs. Yeah.

Q: Why are certain people mentioned more in the guides? Are you biased?
A: Some people are mentioned more in the guides because they had a bigger hand in contributions than others. I do not interfere with their posts at all. I try not to be biased, but sometimes it slips away unchecked. If you spot any potential “problem texts”, let me know!

Q: Why are there some language inconsistency? It looks like it’s written by multiple people!
A: Well… it’s because it is. There is an alien that speaks British English so… yeah. He helped me write this guide on the condition that I preserve his “Bri’ish” texts. Besides, it’s fun.

Q: How do I contribute then? What do I get for contributing?
A: Oh my gosh, you want to contribute? That’s great <3! Just send me a DM (PM) and tell me what you want to contribute. I still need opinions on “Newbie Progression”, gears and stuff. Check the todo list in the guide for more detailed explanation. Anything is appreciated, even grammar, spellings & sentences rephrasing would be very appreciated!

Q: My name isn’t mentioned in the contribution section!
A: Sometimes I do miss names. Please tell me if I happened to miss your name.

Q: Can you spell stun seed backwards?
A: No, sorry.

Q: Will you keep this guide updated?
A: This project is pretty casual, so I will try to!

Q: My question isn’t listed!
A: deep sighs of exhaustion

Q: Serious: Are these jokes or what?
A: Yeah. Let me be serious for a moment. I’m glad that many others decided to help me make this, and despite my comments above, I genuinely appreciate everyone. This guide wouldn’t be ANYWHERE close without help from these experts.


Contributors! I don’t know how forums work so I’m just gonna type out the names in alphabetical order.

Special thanks to!

Liam [ENG]
N.T Linh

maintenance contributors!
neonep (who is definitely broke and needs key)
defaultname (thanks for the lightweight gifs!)

contributors will be entered into a raffle and will receive certain small rewards from me (key, chl, whatever) at a later date! Yes, this is an incentive for contributing, if you couldn’t tell wink wink


So, can’t you bring satellites in Space race without getting a penalty? Maybe that should be included in the guide.

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I just tested space race with satellites and I didn’t get any penalties. I think Space Race only penalizes Special Weapons? Maybe you should try it and see if you get a different result from mine.

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Nothing different

Oh I see what you mean now. I will add a line that says “satellites are not penalized in space race”. thanks for your input!

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poll for contributors
will be doing a giveaway soon, what kinda gifts do u guys prefer?

Hi hello, funny Guide you have here. Also very informative. I extremely recommend this guide to all my fellow recruits, as it includes information I didn’t even know, like space race penalties and weapon rankings.
I like your writing style!

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Rippy, thank you for the encouragement!

Updated: that poll earlier was a mess, I accidentally selected two options instead of once. So… vote again lol

what kinda gifts do u prefer
  • chl
  • keys
  • discord nitro
  • others
  • nothing/I don’t care

0 voters

im gonna rig it by voting for the nothing option, i am very selfish

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democracy doesnt exist

Serious answer:
its over


Thank you all for contributing to the guide! Now it is serious time. (aka asking for feedback).
As you all know this is a “starter” guide, and this guide can be really overwhelming (especially the weapons section with all the numbers), so that brings us the question:

Should the weapons section need a rework? Are all the numbers necessary for a new recruit to know about?

I will be making several polls. Please please please vote on them and offer feedback

Should the weapons section need a rework?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

If the Weapons Section needs a rework, would a “table of strengths/weaknesses” be sufficient? (instead of numbers that might not mean anything)
  • Yes
  • No, I have a better idea

0 voters

The next few polls are about the general performance of the guide.

How is the website performing on your device?
  • Good
  • Shit

0 voters

Do you think that this guide covers the basics that a recruit should know?
  • Yes
  • No, it is too little
  • No, it is too much

0 voters

As always, I take every options seriously (even if my tone can suggest otherwise)!

I think the weapon numbers should remain but hidden behind something like a dropdown menu or a spoiler, it’s much easier to have everything in a single guide than comparing dps using the wiki.
For the question about the basics I think that while there really is a lot of stuff it’s well divided into categories and most of the stuff is important to know, since the game is pretty overwhelming at first it should stay like this, maybe making this the “official” guide and creating a new “lite” version if needed.

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The first draft for the rewritten weapons table is done. I should have DM’d you the link to it.

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I saw this section and thought of myself: Supernovas also be guaranteed if you decide to open fire at everything believe so can it be added in? “Supernovas as well can guarantee a medal if you are willing to open fire to a bunch of molten rocks”

It’s a lot longer than squawks, but sure, I’ll add it in

Neato also adding weapon opinions, yay or nay? I want to see them having proper remarks on players or any snarky remarks either way

Nay, don’t want too many remarks clogging up the guide


2 polls

Which heat term should we use?
  • Heat efficiency
  • Heat buildup
  • Overheat time

0 voters

Should we put easier missions in the guide for newbies to farm keys on?
  • Yes
  • No, skill issue

0 voters

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By “easier missions”, that extends to other types of missions too, not just boss rushes.

e.g supernova, feathers fields

also we really love polls around here, huh?

15k keys if fr