Early Access version 53

Does anyone think about the droids raid mission to have their own music theme just like darkness and retro invaders mission ?

I don’t know, droid raid&retro invaders have the same music since CI4 and Darkness is a new mode that is only in CIU.

Darkness doesnt even have a real theme, I like the current sound but its just 23-4 seconds and adds almost nothing to the mission. I expected more.

What if the satellites are more likely to get out of an alien container with less ammunition as the difficulty increases.

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@InterAction_studios how about making taking out an equipment from a slot by right-clicking the mouse

That was already suggested, here and here
Even if it was already suggested, i still like it.

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About the squadron menu, can this the rephrased to “Are you sure you want to remove this member?”


Now that is just cursed.

I’d suggest changing the last part to:
“ICBM rockets take some time to reach optimal ignition speed, so their strategic use is of prime importance.”

As for…

I think that can spice up the challenges a bit more. Darkness effect can also be included.
I’d say a random one for each mission, but the easy one should not get the lightning and darkness effect. As for weekly… Don’t use darkness or massive. (But it’s still an option if you want to)

As for frequency… Everyday? Although I’d suggest adding a bit of flavour text to reflect on the environment effects for that mission that’s to be expected. Here’s all the possibilities I can list:

If the challenge will have Massive + Hot:
"This will take place near the Sun of “name of star system”.

If the challenge will have Massive + Electric:
“You will be positioned at a geologically unstable area.”

Massive + Frozen:
“Be sure to winterize your windshield so it doesn’t crack under the intense cold and gravity.”

Massive + Darkness:
“Pursue the closest wormhole, where the Henpire are escaping to.”

Frozen + Electric:
“Violent Storms are rampaging in this area.”

Frozen + Darkness:
“This Frozen Wasteland is surrounded by thick clouds of dark matter.”

Electric + Darkness:
“Constant Storms have disrupted the dark matter in that area.”

Hot + Electric:
“Temperature Fluctuations and Storms are to be expected.”

Hot + Darkness:
“A Dying Star is nearby. Be sure to leave immediately after you’ve completed your mission so you won’t be caught in the blast!”

If it’s just Hot/Cold:
“Expect some extreme temperatures.”

If it’s Electric:
“High levels of Electricity surround this area.”

If it’s just Darkness:
“High amounts of dark matter have accumulated in that constellation.”

Just Massive:
“Gravitational Fluxes are present in this area.”

Try to do that if possible?


Downloading the update now - been a while since I played, hopefully I haven’t missed too much new stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Maximum Velocity” would be a less wordy way of saying it. :wink:

Not Darkness, please! Everything else is fine.
This is just my personal prejeduce and should be ignored.


Deal with it :sunglasses:

Real talk: It shouldn’t be too bad, maybe give it a chance?

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Anywhere that I can test all the new waves from the last update? (52)

Or do I have to play on Veteran for a while until I find them all and know the safe zones?


haha no son

But yeah, it’s probably best to play on Veteran first. Although being surprised in SSH or Virtuoso would be fun too.


[BUG] Weapon Training
Chickens with key in Egg Cannon Confrontation not drop key

@InterAction_studios Could a copy of the changelog be sent as a message under “Important” category the first time one loads a new version of CIU? Just for convenience.

uh, shouldn’t the difficulty on text be 106%-139%?

Same for Egg City too.

Also, why does “Asteriods…, no, really” wave has Clean Sweep? The asteroids doesn’t even escape out of the screen

Actually, if you wait a long time, the asteroids will go off screen. I don’t know if it’s intended or not.

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Supporting right-click is on my list, but it’s much harder than it should be, so it’s low-priority.

That would indeed be a better way to phrase it, but I prefer to have the “delete” button consistent across contacts and squadrons.

I tried that, but currently easy/intermediate/hard missions have different probabilities of environments, so one description would not fit them all.

ICBMs travel slowly, even with acceleration.

Yes, they do.

Hmm… yes and no. Applying a skill does increase a mission’s difficulty internally, but I think that the mission itself should always be shown at its ‘natural’ difficulty for consistency across players/screenshots.

I’ll just show the skill boost separately. Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea