Some New Waves (Again)

Now to my second wave, I call it The Magic Star, click the Example below to see it:


As you can see the screen will have to zoom-out in this wave, there would be 6 portals that are shaped like star with indestructible barriers between each of them, here is how it should work like:


The red arrows shows how the movement of the enemies will be like, if the player didn’t hit an enemy it should enter the opposite portal of the portal it came from, there should be one line of enemies moving from a portal to another and at the end of it the second line should begin like The Magic Flute, and the movement order should be random like The Magic Flute too and of course the line should be long not short and I recommend 6 lines to be in the wave.

And now for my third wave, it should be called Barrier Highway/Dodge The Barriers because the player in it have to dodge some indestructible barriers while they move,


The screen also should auto scroll to the top direction like The Weakest/Strongest Link, however there could be an upside-down version of that wave, the number of the barrier lines should be like The Weakest/Strongest Link about 8, also the speed and the size of gaps between barriers should depend on the difficulty of the wave,
There could also be indestructible barrier cannons added at high difficulties:


And for my fourth wave, it’s called Armored Soldiers, there will be about 5 or 6 enemies surrounded by barriers with a barrier cannon at the bottom, click the example below for better information:


New Wave 4E

As you can see the enemy will be protected well by the barriers, 3 only are allowed to be onscreen and they will stay until they are defeated, then others will come, also if an enemy is defeated the barriers around it will disappear immediately like in Caged Animals:


P.S: I just made a meme :sweat_smile:

And for my last wave, it’s a Droid Raid wave, it’s simple, it will be like Electrifying Descent/Dive, but instead of Chickens the will be Droids and instead of lasers there will be food in bubbles:


You don’t have to destroy 2 Droids to free the food as it will be impossible at some positions.

Anyway that’s enough waves for this topic, I hope you guys liked them and check the first one too and I hope they get added in the next update and see ya :wave:

Now I’m going to sleep because it’s very late :sleeping:


Why is there a safe zone where the enemies can cross
“First Wave”

I think you should put the safe zones in this places:
Sorry for the bad quality


This one is pretty controversial, because of the chicken passing through the safe zone while the safe zone indicator shows it’s safe there.

Add some chickens between the barriers

Don’t tell me they’ll bump into you.

This is pretty fine, but you can get stuck in some cases

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That one reminds me of this


Good idea it should be a Danger Zone instead.

I need only barriers, because I don’t want the player having trouble with them or their projectiles.

No, they will act like Three By Three but won’t leave the screen until they are defeated.

You fine with Electrifying Descent/Dive right?

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