New Wave: Chicken Highway!

This is my first wave to edit and make, it’s called Chicken Highway, it will act similar like Droid Highway:

The wave will began from the top not the sides, it will start with the 4 lines of enemies&barriers like in Droid Highway, then after they settle down in their position by 1.5 sec, the small group of enemies will appear from the top too.

I’ve added arrows to show how the lines will move and the group of enemies will stay at its place.

I hope you guys like it and I hope it will be added in the next version, bye :wink:


What about the difficulty? You didn’t mention at what difficulty it will appear.

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The levels of the barriers and enemies will be according to the difficulty, I’ve showed it’s strongest form, but if I must say it could appear from 20% difficulty.

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A little question: Would these barriers have 10x health or be easy to be destroyed?

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They will be easy or hard according to the difficulty of the wave and the same goes for the enemies too.

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I dont care the difficulty bc if this will be added, IA will have the decisión of put that, the same goes with the barriers
And the wave, hmm, this is my Thought:


I thought the same thing too and I’m glad you liked it :wink:


This looks as a fun wave to play and I see it in game.

I like how the upcoming version is inspiring everyone (except me) into good wave concepts

I missed these kind of posts a lot


Just a Question: what program did you used to do this image? :slight_smile:

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I asked @Recruit_75 and he told me that it is

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Added to v.52 :medal_sports: Idea


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