Some new bosses for "Double Team" wave

Hi everyone.
So I see everyone is trying to make your ideas about new waves, so I think, I will try to make my new idea, too. However, this is not a new wave or any bosses. My new idea is about adding some bosses to the “Double Team” wave. Here are my two idea bosses in Double Team:

  1. The Henperor’s Apprentice:
    If I say this, you will be scared because this will make you hard for dodging the attack of the other boss, right? But now, in the Double Team wave, The Henperor’s Apprentice will only use the “Changing the attack direction of the player” skill.
    So how can it appear in a Double Team wave?
  • First, its size will be as big as the Infinity Chicken in a Double Team wave.
  • Second, it will appear from the under edge of the screen, on the right/left side.

Because its size is as big as the Infinity Chicken and appears from the right/left side the under the edge of the screen, you avoid and don’t need to worry about dying when it appears, because The Henperor’s Apprentice will not appear from the middle of the under edge of the screen.

After its first time changing the attack direction, it will start to move around the screen and continue to change the attack direction (this is just like The Henperor’s Apprentice in Chicken Exponentiality wave)
And that’s all about The Henperor’s Apprentice in Double Team wave.

Here are some examples about the Double Team wave which has The Henperor’s Apprentice:

  1. The Apple Core:
    I don’t know exactly how the structure of the barrier rings in the “Shoot the Core” wave arranged, but when the Apple Core appears in the “Double Team” wave, I think I have to nerf something it and its barrier.

First, The Apple Core will start to appear from the middle top edge of the screen, and it will appear with 4 barrier rings like this:

Because the Apple Core appears and always steps on the middle top of the screen, I have to say that The Apple Core will NEVER pair with any Crab.

Second, I decide to let 4 barrier rings available, instead of 8 barrier rings like in the “Shoot the Core” wave. So that the number of the barriers of the Apple Core in the “Double Team” wave has less than theirs in the “Shoot the Core” wave. Because of that, the barriers will drop fewer firepowers (Maximum in hard difficulty is 5, instead of 10).

Oh, and one more thing. You had known that The Apple Core has multi-shot skills after an updated version for a long time, right? So I think that skill is still kept for The Apple Core in the Double Team wave. However, instead of 18 bullets being the maximum, it will shoot a total of 10 bullets maximum in hard difficulty.

And that’s all about The Apple Core in the “Double Team” wave. And here are some examples about the Double Team which has The Apple Core:

What do you think about my idea for something new in the Double Team wave? Tell me in the comment on this topic. Thanks for reading my idea!


your idea is good :smiley:

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This is good

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What about twice of them at 140%? Plus some lazers from The Henperor Apprentice won’t hurt


Great :heart:


yup, nerfs and new boss combinations could benefit Double Team waves


hey! it’s a good idea, but what about “the alien mothership”???

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Take to much space

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that central apple core n’ crab 2.0 pair its lit

if add the alien mothership is make DT kidda unbalance


Ok, so i see there still have many people scared after hearing The Henperor’s Apprentice in “Double Team” wave
I had explain carefully in my topic but you haven’t read carefully my topic.
So i will emphasize one more time: The Henperor in “Double Team” wave will NOT have the laser skill because of the balance for the game!

Thanks for reading


Some bosses should’t exist in double teams anyway: like a mysterious ship appears and dr breaker for the sake of this game balance.

Actually, Beaker can’t be in Double Team wave. Because his skill is as same as a villian. Also he has so much skill, and can call the Chicken like the Villian. So i think Beaker will never appear in Double Team. Well you see, drop the paper or the chemist, mostly full the screen


Sorry for ping you but hope you take a look in my idea
You see, mostly type of missions have those new waves. Expect Comet, Meteor, Supernova and Retro they can’t be changed because these wave is … Well i don’t how can i says but you can understand.

So how about Double Team. I think this type of mission should be refresh something new such as Boss Rush mission. So that’s why i did this topic. Hope you will take a look in my idea and leave here some comments. If possible, you can add 2 this bosses (Henperor and Apple Core) like i have described here. Thank you for reading!

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I’d rather not create boss variations (in terms of attacks and/or overall behaviour) that are specific to Double Team, or bosses that only combine well with specific other bosses. It’s a lot of work for too little benefit.


Ok so if you said that, i had thought again about my idea in a times. And here i want to explain and suggestions for you, @InterAction_studios , hope you read my reply for your opinion.

  1. About The Henperor’s Apprentice: There are 2 ways:
  • First, if The Henperor’s Apprentice is changed follow to my idea, this will may cause making the boss variations, just like you explained for me here:

-Second, if The Henperor’s Apprentice still keep its skill from the original boss wave (that’s mean it will use the laser skill), the percentage of players to survive a DT with having The Henperor’s Apprentice is very LOW, almost impossible (everyone knows why, right guys?)

In conclusion, if we can’t agree each other, i will NOT encourage you to add The Henperor’s Apprentice to Double Team, because 1 way is making specific to Double Team and another way is unbalance that make DT wave with have that boss more impossible.

  1. About The Apple Core: Following to my suggestion in this topic, i’m make sure with you that the player will survive successfully.

However if this still make you a lot of works to add The Apple Core, i think you can try this:

  • Step 1: Take The Apple Core from the original boss wave fully to Double Team like other bosses.
  • Step 2: After you test it in your testing server, you can choose 1 of 2 ways here:
  • Reduce some barrier-rings
  • Reduce the distance between each barrier-rings or between each Barriers in a same ring (or you can do both of 2 this)

In step 2, you have to make sure that BX player can move from a side to the other side by moving to the distance between the outermost barrier ring and the under screen (see my picture in this topic to refer)

After The Apple Core is added in CIU, let the player try to deal with these DT with have the Apple core, and then let them to suggest their idea or any change/bug, and you will consider these suggestion later.

That’s all. Hope everyone understand my reply too long here. Do you agree anything i said here, iA? Please tell me here, thank you.

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I can agree with putting Apple Core in Double team, But it’s speedy bullets is no joke specially for BX users. If it have to be implemented. Then I would suggest decreasing their speed within.

Dumb, dumb because you haven’t played DT yet.
Firstly, skill issue. Why many people playing Ironman using BX but they still alive? Thinking!!!
Secondly, you don’t have CHL, but you are showing yourself like a pro player, a best player of CIU!

I have to remind that there are still some boss DT that the bullets is as fast as Apple Core’s bullets, but we still can dodge them, thank you

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I like how you stupidly overreacted this far when I was giving a small suggestion to make things moderate. And you are talking like if you have encountered them in double team missions so far. Plus I don’t care about how BX users peforms in Ironman. Thing is that dodging speedy bullets like these while they are slow machines AND with another boss fighting them is something brutal for all players.

Ironic coming from someone who have bothered to watch my gameplay or my videos.


First, have you meet them before? Have you have CHL like me yet?

Ok, a person who don’t know anything about IM or DT don’t care how a CHL-user survive IM/DT sucessfully

You sure? I don’t see any event medal in your NEW account!!!

Guess, because you have most experiment in CIU, right? :upside_down_face: