Some new Always-On concept (Economy mode)

Keys Paycheck
Desc: Feeling your bonus key gain after completing a mission doesn’t satisfy you? Are you feeling like you are being rewarded less than what you expected to gain? Than have no fear, with this new Key Paycheck coupon in your hand, you will be earning 5% more bonus for your key gains. In addition, you can upgrade them up to 5 time for a great 30% bonus key gain after completing a mission! Getting rich fast is a dream-come true. (Note: Also can get effected by difficulty you choose).
Price: 1000 keys
Upgrades?: Yes
Number of Upgrades: 5
First upgrade cost 230 keys, every next upgrade increase the price by 125 more.

Key Specialist (CHL only)
Desc: Gaining keys during boss rush sure is a good price. But you feels like, how about you gain more keys from them then? Well, introducing to you the Key Specialist perk. Only having 4 upgrades, but it’s will allow you to gain 1 extra key per boss rush mission and other that reward you keys when completing a single wave. Not only that, the higher the difficulty are, the more keys you will be rewarded alongside with the boost! So, what are you waiting for? (Note: Keys will be reduced on Tourist and Rookie)
Price: 1500 keys
Upgrades?: Yes
Num. of Upgrades: 4
First upgrade cost 320 keys, every next upgrade increase the price by 175 more.

Finally: VISC (Very Important Sale Coupon) (CHL only)
Desc: FInding yourself in the regional stores to looking for your special need but you doesn’t have enough keys? Then the VISC pass is for you. With the pass, you will reduce the price of an item you wanted to buy with a cheaper cost. And if you’re lucky, sometimes you can buy the item with a much much smaller cost from their original price!Truly an amazing way to live! (Note: Some regional stores and the academy will not support the coupon)
Price: 750 + CHL
Upgrades?: No
Reduce prices from regional stores by 10% cheaper cost.

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yeeeeeeeeeah, i don’t think you PAY for a promotion/salary rise

Also, paying for a discount just doesn’t really sound right

Well it’s CIU, anything could happens, even law of physics

that should not be your reason for an idea

justify your idea better than that, rather than just spitballing

Well tbh idk. It’s just my imaginary is kinda wild, and it’s may or may not be based though. Still, like I always said, all ideas requires moderations and if it get rejected, then it’s pretty much ok since it’s may too unbalanced or just not work that way. That’s it.

a half-arsed idea is more than likely to be rejected too, you know
if I had to compress your ideas to tell exactly what they do, without all the flashy talk:

Keys Paycheck
Gain 5% extra keys upon mission completion. Can be upgraded 5 times. Each upgrade increases the bonus by +5%.
Cost: 1,000 keys. Upgrades cost 230, 355, 480, 605, 730, 855.

Key Specialist
Boss Rushes drop one extra key upon wave clear. Can be upgraded 4 times. Each upgrade drops 1 extra key.
Key drops are affected by difficulty. (elaboration needed)
Cost: 1500 keys. Upgrades cost 320, 495, 670, 845, 1,020.
This equipment is Licensed.

Very Important Sale Coupon (VISC)
Reduces the cost of items in regional outlets by 10%. Certain regional stores (elaboration needed), and the Heroes Academy do not support the coupon.
Cost: 750 keys.
This equipment is Licensed.

There, no confusing others

Well you just promote my ads lol. Alright it’s just I like to add description to it tho. But yeah thx for promote my ads lol.


well, i’m not promoting them if im posting them in the same channel

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seriously now, instead of posting a whole bunch of unbalanced ideas that you probably just came up within seconds, try putting in more effort and actually try to balance them instead of trying to make them look flashy to create the illusion of quality.

unbalanced ideas are highly likely to be ignored by the developer, since it shows a lack of effort anyway.

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Definition of “fun”

Well I better don’t want to spark some drama. But I have a reason not to talk with girls now. Well you’re pretty much muted now. That’s mean your opinion is ignored.


you just did

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…you’re joking, right?

hmhm shrug

I never actually thought that this part of FAQ would ever be mentioned, which is why I was going to remove it sooner or later, but here we are.


Well idk that thing has been left in dust for so long, in fact, that I forgot it’s existed. Well tbh the game is still in EA (early access) but there dozen of ideas may or may not be viable to be added. Tho, creativity is unlimited, however, I do respect some people to give me some ways to give an improvement. I quite actually harsh on my ideas and tries my best not to make it too powerful or damn-weakened. Unfortunately, people doesn’t like my ideas, it’s their choice, it’s really just “if we don’t like it, means that you need improvements” and I understand that actually.

The fact that it is in early access (which it won’t be in few updates) doesn’t affect ideas in any way. An idea is implemented in two cases:

  1. It is very easy to implement and the community was not negative about it.
  2. The community was very positive about it.

And I don’t see this changing in near future.


+1 respect

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