Some ideas

A bunch if ideas i have here. IA is defenitely gonna ignore them lol.

Idea: When you unstop the game, there might be an egg above your spacecraft and you might not be fast enough and die. How about a countdown from 3 to 0 after unstopping the game that can be activate and de-activated in settings? It could be enough to give you sometime to - plan your movement and - dodge.

Idea: Will you consider doing something about hyper gun? For example incresing fire rate and slightly weakening it or increasing ion blaster 20 fire power projectiles by two ot four? Or making it stornger? Faster auto-fire? Anything? Just its is too weak sometimes and it’s boring to just stick to plasma rifle and utensil poker or neutron blaster all the time. Also can I be told if you are gonna ignore these ideas?

Disabling end session in-wave or mid boss fight? It’s really useful to abuse and can prevent many deaths. As sometimes the gifts that can be dropped are always the same after even two end sessions, it might not even hurt much to lose the progress. So consider changing that too I guess. For example I end sessioned bossa nova twice and both times a wave of asteroids gave me position stream.

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First idea kind of allows to abuse the pause so right now I’m against.

Second: CIU weapon balance program - Part 7: Vulcan Chaingun & Hypergun

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Vulcan chain gun is already good. The inaccurateness helps in bonud challneges and asteriod waves.

Also could you add the countdown idea to your idea too? Would work better.

The only weapon which can now be described as good is utensil poker and it also can be improved to be better.

Which my idea?

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child pause abuse

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Stay with your jokes in the memes topic, will ya?

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Just mistook some things sorry.

So yiu say it lets us abuse. What is your idea to prevent it? Forget the countdown Im just saying put a cooldown for end session. someone might be in a hurry and has to wait a lot. There must be a way to balance it like. The wave changing after you end session. Which still might have



Are you gonna do something about boron rail gun?

Sorry i just began chrcking them out. However has IA caught up with any of these? Or “ideas are made to be ignored” is your thing too? Minr always is as my ideas aren’t good at all

I mean im asking because there is a lot of effort put into those. I hate to see them grtting wasted (i also hate to know there is a possibility of that happening).

IA is following the WBP but isn’t going to comment on it until it’s finished. We’re now waiting for the final part.

Why me?

Yes i did find it. Thanks for telling

Sorry. Im litteraly the word dumbass itself.

Pause can already be abused, it wouldn’t make it much worse.

Well then it’s helpless

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