Some Bugs with 3 Bosses!

1-Egg Cannon Confrontation:@InterAction_studios now when it reach 20%/40%/60%/80% damage it attacks its new attack immediately without waiting for its turn for example:If it reaches 20% damage its shoots lasers immediately without waiting for its attack turn, if it reaches 40% damage it shoots those red bullets immediately without waiting its turn(the same happens with the other attacks), read this topic for more information: Egg Cannon Confrontation Problem!.

I don’t want this feature to be removed completely, I want it to be only when the boss is hard.

2-Blast from the past: I noticed that its bullets sometimes doesn’t appear(only the sound does), video:

3-Chicken Exponentiality:

1-Make the health of those mad angry chicks(lol, forgot their names) tone down a little but because there are the hardest in the boss
2-When the “Henperor’s Apprentice” shows, it produces circles of lasers and then shoot lasers, the player’s gravity changes before the shooting lasers attack while in the original boss fight the player’s gravity changes after the shooting lasers attack.

1- Seriously… Didn’t You suggest this one to make it harder?
2- I saw that before.
3-1- I don’t think it’s a bug because it is meant to be hard after all. (And those angry chicks are berserks, unless you meant those assassin chicks which turn into red to kill you).
2- I didn’t face it so I can’t tell my opinion.


So what??? I suggest it and it has some problems, am I supposed to shut up because I suggested it!!

Well, You said you wanted it to shoot immediately after a damage stage is reached, so, why would you complain after you’ve suggested it? I’m just serious.

I actually said either to shoot every new attack in a new row or all or them in the same row, why would I want it to shoot the new attack immediately, I dare you to find that word even in the topic.

Also don’t tell your opinion if you haven’t fought the boss, because I’ve fought it multiple time and I know that they are the hardest ones in the battle(they cost many lives and special weapons).

  1. You suggested this and now Egg Cannon has a buggy gameplay.
  2. It does appear but it starts to shoot when entering the screen.
    3-1. Chicken Exponentiality appears when difficulty is >70% so assassin chicks has more health than usual
    3-2. Known, fixed in v.42

1-Stop blaming me because I suggested it(obviously I didn’t add the bug in it).
2-The bug happened to me when it’s on the screen.
3-I can under stand if the chicks has more health because the boss is hard, but it has way more health for a chick, the normal chicken has a less health than the chicks.

  1. I’ll stop blaming you.
  2. Weird, I didn’t see the bug you described before.
    3.1. Use Plasma Rifle or Absolver Beam(lol), those things are useful(workaround only).

2-It happened during a difficult boss rush.
3-Both of those weapons you described won’t work for all hard bosses, I use Utensil Poker.

  1. Hello.
  2. How’s it hanging?
  3. Egg Cannon has an issue? I haven’t encountered it these days so I haven’t seen it.
  4. If TCB128 suggested something that had bad results, IA could undo this change. That’s what Early Access is about - experimenting with features to learn what works and what doesn’t.
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If TCB128 suggested something that had bad results, IA could undo this change. That’s what Early Access is about - experimenting with features to learn what works and what doesn’t.

You’ve got a point here mate, but until now, I still don’t understand why would he complain while he suggested, this is unoriginal.

:bulb: Egg Cannon: Upon entering a new damage stage, that stage’s newly introduced attack is immediately invoked (@SA-GoldenBoss128 :medal_sports: Idea)

See? There. As you can see, immediately invoked in a new damage stage, so yes you said it.

I didn’t see any bugs yesterday 'cause i didn’t open the game 'cause i am was working on the Intros maker and learning to editing a video for my channel on the youtube.

Ok honestly, I played yesterday, but it was only one match that Boss Rush Contains the boss: Blast from the past, and everything was okay.

To everyone who thinks that I suggested the attacks to happen immediately, that’s not what I meant in the other topic, what I said in the other topic was that when the Egg Cannon takes damage and a new attack appear, some attacks happen in the same row of attacks(without restarting a new row) and others requires a new row, so what I said in the other topic was either to make all the attacks start in the same row or start with a new row, I didn’t want 2 start in the same row and 2 requires a new row, I needed them to match only and the weird thing is that the other topic was in “Early Access” category like this one, so it’s supposed to be a bug, but I somehow got a idea medal.


When it happened to me it was a very hard boss rush and I used SSH difficulty(I’ll try making a video about it).

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Ok bro, do what you want.

iA can remove this if you want

How about we end this situation by either you fight Blast from the past in very hard difficulty or you wait for a video.