Egg Cannon Confrontation Problem!

I’ve noticed a little bug with the Egg Cannon boss, it attacks some of its new attacks in the same row and others have to start a new row of attacks, for example: when it reaches 20% of damage it shoots lasers, when it reaches 40% it starts shooting red bullets, at 60% it produces a giant egg, at 80% it shoots orange lasers, it produces the red bullets and the giant egg in the same row when it gets damaged, but with the the orange lasers it have to start a new row of attacks and we don’t get to see that attack that many times.

Actually, this isn’t a bug, it’s intended. When you reduced its health to 80% example, before you reduce its health the Egg Cannon already prepared its first attack

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But it doesn’t do that with the red bullets and the giant egg attacks?

Yes it does

I just played a one and it does attack in the same row.

(sigh) Can you at least take a picture or film it?

I’ll do that when I’am on my computer.

Changed in v.41
:medal_sports: Idea


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